Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A good way to get a sailor's blood to boil

If you haven't seen the news today, you may not know about the Iranian boats who were approaching 3 Navy warships in the Persian Gulf yesterday in international waters. Instead of giving you the story and messing it up, here's the link. Once you read it, take about 4 min. and watch the video shot from one of our warships showing them getting dangerously close to us...be sure your speakers are on for this. You'll hear us warning them by radio and also sounding blasts to warn them off. This brings back the memories from being at sea! I'm sure the bombing of the USS Cole was fresh in everyone's minds while this was happening. (fyi: many of you don't know I spent 10 years (1991-2001) in the Navy's nuclear power program aboard nuclear-powered aircraft carriers....and now I'm a supply corps officer in the Navy Reserve.) Here's my first ship that I was stationed on back in 1993...the nuclear-powered USS Virginia CGN-38...now decommissioned.

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