Sunday, January 20, 2008

19 Miler along Newport, RI Ocean Drive

The sun is shining, it's a bit windy today, but I finally found a spot in downtown Newport with a reliable wireless signal! Talk about going into internet-withdrawal for the last week! I'm very sorry to those of you in the VR Training group for missing the first 2 runs...I'm not being too good of a coach! Hopefully I will see some of you this Saturday.

I had a great run yesterday. I'm a firm believer that when traveling, one of the best ways to discover an area for future days at the location is via a long-run. That was the case yesterday as I headed out from Newport Naval Station's Officer Training Command for a leisurely 19 miler. As I approached downtown along the water, there was a distinct scent of seafood...or should I say, FISH SMELL in the air. I headed down a public pier to find lots of commercial fishing boats and cages for catching crab and lobster. (don't worry, I had some fresh lobster last night...yum!) After entering the busy part of town, one of the first things to catch my eye was this man-made ice rink sitting right in the middle of town. Didn't expect that! If you're a brew-pub kinda person, you'll love it here. First off, all restaurants are smoke-free. Second, these top-notch restaurants are historic buildings, facing the bay, super service, and awesome food/brew. Actually, one thing I thought was: "This would be a great place for Vertical Runner 2!" Anyway, lots of good food and shopping in town. After town (around 4 miles), I headed along Ocean Drive where I'd be for the next 10 or so miles. Here is am on the waterfront next to the statue of General Rochambeau. He left Newport on June 18, 1781 to join forces with General George Washington for their victorious march to Yorktown. Further on down Ocean Drive was Fort a Rhode Island State Park. I took the perimiter route around the Fort...quite impressive! The 2nd pic here is me standing in front of the water and you can see in the distance (right of center) the Naval War College...that's where the base is. (you know you can see a bigger version of these pics by clicking on them, right?) Guess what I ran by on the way out of the Fort? Alpacas!!! What?!? Anyway, on with the run. Ocean Drive, as the name implies, outlines this "island-like" area with the ocean. Eventually, after passing many mansions and the Coast Guard station, I hit the water line and boy did that wind pick up. BUT, it was all worth it. I got a couple of really good shots to along the water, too. Diving again into my video efforts, I thought I'd snap a one-minute video of the crashing water. Unfortuately, the majority of what you hear is wind...sorry about that but I didn't know how to get rid of it...I really wanted to hear the crashing waves.

Following this long stretch, I turned onto Bellevue. OK, if you EVER get near Newport (ie: heading to the Boston Marathon), come here and drive Bellevue. Mansion after mansion after will not believe your eyes!!! After this, I was back in downtown Newport and proceeded back to base. Great run and somehow, I still squeezed in 39 miles this week! BT50K this Saturday!


Chef Bill Bailey said...

19 Miler in one day is that allwed in a taper week?

Nick Billock said...

What's a taper?!?!? OOPS!