Friday, January 11, 2008

USA Marathoning: 2007 Overview, my favorite site to "shop" for a marathon has just released it's annual report. Due to copyright restrictions, I won't copy/paste it here so here's the link.

Some interesting topics include:
1. Marathon finishers (overall demographics, male vs. female, history since 2000)
2. 2007 Largest USA Marathons (including 2006 and growth/shrink percentage...very interesting!)
3. 2007 USA Inaugural Marathons
4. 2007 Age Group Breakdown (age demographics, fastest age groups, largest age groups
5. 2007 Marathon Finishing Times (by gender)


vince said...

less than 2.5% off marathoners broke 3 hours!!!

Susan said...

This is an interesting report. It's gotta make our running community proud. -Susan