Thursday, October 31, 2013

2 Nails

And so it ends...October 2013. Thankful for this day and will wake tomorrow not looking back.

Nail One: I am not obsessed by my running log, weekly mileage, monthly mileage, nor annual mileage. Some are wrapped around the axle about their stats and get a bit OCD about them. Yes, I'll run around my cul-de-sac to make it an even 8.0 miles vs. 7.92 miles but as for the weekly numbers...I once cared but do not any longer. Still, I log my miles for two reasons: 1) to track my shoe mileage > this lets me know how long a particular pair of shoes lasts and when it's time to order my next pair of Brooks. For example, I have exactly 251 miles on my 4th pair of Brooks Pure Flow 2s. I get about 400 miles out of a pair and pair #5 is already in my basement, ready for their maiden voyage. 2) to keep me accountable and call myself times like these > If I'm slackin'...I want to know it. No one else cares except for me so someone needs to call me out...or someTHING does. My running log does that. Case in point: October 2013.

I logged 186 miles in October 2013. Of those miles, 88.8 were run on three different days. 2 were in the mountains of West Virginia at the Trilogy and the last day was this past Saturday when I ran an impromptu 24 just because. So out of 31 days in October, I ran 47.74% of my mileage in 3 days. That's a sad testament for the other 28 days. In full disclosure, my log is below. You'll see lots of zeroes before and after the Trilogy. That doesn't help. Do I regret it? No...not really...but I'm ashamed of it. Running doesn't direct my life, it is not my (g)od, but it does play a supporting role in it. It is my escape many days and it does spill into my overall happ(y)ness. No doubt about it. As a general statement, I'm very much a loner so getting away to run is very important to me. I can "tell" I didn't run as I should this past month...not in my waistline but mentally, I'd say.

For the year, I stand at 1,674.60 miles. That leaves 325.40 to reach 2,000 miles for 2013. I haven't hit 2000 in several years and it was an unofficial goal at the beginning of this year. I would only have to average 162.70 for November and December this year to hit it which is very doable. So Nail #1...October is over. Glad it is. I learned a lot this month in running, mostly in the mountains of WV. One big 'ol piece of humble pie was ingested that I believe will only make me stronger going forward. I also can draw a distinct parallel between how I "feel" morning, day, and night when I run frequently vs. sporadically. May November be more of the former and less of the latter.

Nail Two: Speaking only for me, closing out October 2013 lets me bury October 2011 a little bit deeper. This last week, I've involuntarily been re-living the emotions of a few years ago and my deployment blog has let me be real with it all. Today...2 years ago...I was one plane ride away from home on Day 205 of 208. Below is a screen-shot of my blog on October 31, 2011.

I told my bride just a few days ago on her birthday: "We are not defined by what happened yesterday, last month, last year, two years ago, or 20 years ago. We are defined by the choices we make today. The past is the past. Today happens now and we can choose to live in that or live in yesterday." We choose to serve others, give us much of ourselves as we can, love our kids and lead them, and love each other sacrificially.  To October 2013, see ya. You are but one more nail in the coffin of the past and a springboard to tomorrow.

Have a great day, Friends. Every moment is a choice...make sure they're the right ones.

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