Friday, October 18, 2013

"You made it over half way!"

The ultimate test and confirmation of "it's did your best" comes from the mouth of innocence...the mouth of someone so authentic she doesn't know any way else to be. "Dad, you made it over half way!"

This morning, I woke up at a dark and early time of 3:45am to let the dog out but seeing the full moon in the sky, decided I'd stay up, get some work done, and run under its light. Heading out under the still-dark sky at 6am, I had time on my side so decided to run my favorite rolling country 10-mile route. Since returning from West Virginia last Sunday, I'd only run once for 7 miles. The rest of the week has been rest. Temperatures in the mid-50s, stars in the sky, and a full moon not too far from setting called me out today. It was a fantastic run. I felt in complete control, full of power, and those "hills" were more like bumps in the road. On the second half of the run, I was facing east instead of west like the first 5 miles and watched everything from First Light to the sunrise. It was a PERFECT run. Physically, I feel like my right quad is in knots. Both quads are rock hard and feel no different but I certainly feel a tightness over it needs to release. Still, the run was painless and powerful. I couldn't ask for more.

Post-run, my oldest daughter got up first and remembered that I had offered to her to read my race report from last weekend's Trilogy. She LOVES to read and started reading my race reports this past year. If you've read them, you know they are raw and this past report was unlike the others in that I didn't cross the 50 Mile finish line. So, she got reading and according to her, could imagine being out there on the trails via my story. She loved the photos..."There's so much color!" Yea...I got to run in the that...for hours. Her questions began with the falling twice and passing out but in the end after seeing I got up and kept running, thought that the passing out caused me to be cut as I got into the aid station at mile 33.6 thirteen minutes too late. "Nope..I was only out for about 30 seconds. I was just too slow to make the cutoff at that point of the race," I told her. "But made it over halfway!" "Yep!" I replied...and left it at that. That's how she saw it...she didn't see it as a failure. She was happy that 1) I was ok, and 2) I went as far as I did. That was the end of it except for gazing at the colorful photos. For me...confirmation of my effort and permission to seal that chapter and move on to the next.

I needed that. "Thanks, Kat G."

We can always use a little Rocky motivation, can't we?! Time to get my shoes laced up and keep moving forward.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and get out there and enjoy the incredible fall foliage!

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