Saturday, October 19, 2013

Impromptu Colorful 12

Fall sure is an awesome time of the year, especially if you're a runner...not a dreamill runner...a runner who breathes fresh air when they run. The colors of fall, the smell of those leaves, the cool crisp morning just beckons us/you/me out there. We're not far from the leaves all hitting the ground so I didn't want to miss running today. I could've gotten up early to run with a full Mr. Moon before he set but I waited until after sunrise so I'd get the full sensory overload. I didn't plan the route, I never looked at my distance until I got to the end, and I ran on roads in my hometown that I've never set foot on in my life...running wherever I thought it would be hilly and beautiful. It even included a run through my town's very own winery. I like to take a quick loop through their vineyard as I pass by whenever I choose that off-the-beaten-path route.

This morning, I was also thinking about how running creates a buffer between me and so many societal influences. I feel invincible out no one can touch or harm me. Personal attacks, unnecessary influences, social media, and even the attacks from the spiritual realm...I feel insulated and protected. Today as I "designed" my route as I ran, whether I was ready to return home or not determined my turns and how long I'd be out. Often, I didn't want to go back and wanted to stay within my bubble. "They can't touch me out here...they can't hurt me out here...they don't even know where I am...heck, they don't even know WHO I am." I am so thankful for the ability to run. I don't know what I'd do without it.

SO...without further ado, here's my pictorial 12 miler through the country from this morning. I hope you enjoy them.

At the local vineyard

At the local vineyard

Run Happy, friends!

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