Monday, July 9, 2012

M-Cubed for 7/9/2012

Monday Morning Musings for July Ninth, Twenty-Twelve. A smattering of thoughts that don't alone constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Brushstrokes. That's the best way to describe this morning's run. It began with a fragrance of corn pushed from the cornfields to our left as the morning dew rested upon them, Mr. Moon was waxing gibbous and 68.2% full and casting shadows in front of us, and First Light...breathtaking brushstrokes made by God and changed by the minute. Absolutely in awe of the majesty we witnessed this morning as we ran together.

- 5 days. 5 days until my next "official" race...the Buckeye Trail 50K, northeast Ohio's most popular 50K of the year. True to tradition the forecast is hot, hot, and the 90s. Those who know me know that hot/humid don't bring out the best in me but I will give it my all, that's for sure. After all, I need a new BT50K oval sticker for my rear window as the current one is looking a bit worn. :-)

- No one should be complaining about the heat in NE Ohio. Need I remind you of December, January, and February in our neck of the woods? Do the words "Snow Belt" help? Exactly.

- My phone drama came to an end last Thursday. I took my very dead iPhone to the Apple Store and quickly, an Apple-trained technician at the "Genius Bar" took it to the back and tried multiple ways to revive it. No such luck. It was and is dead beyond dead. Two options: pay $149 to replace it with another iPhone 4 with no contract renewal with AT&T or pay $199 for the new iPhone 4S. Well, the new iPhone 5 is set to come out in September or October which I've been eyeing for over a year. My wife couldn't care less so I ended up getting the new iPhone 4S in white and will pass it to her when the 5 comes out and I'll pick up the 5. The 4S is really nice and has the new Siri voice-activated feature that does so much. Plus, the 4S is faster and much higher resolution camera...two things I really appreciate! (the bottom of this post has some photos from last night I took and amp'd up with Instagram)

- Another weekend complete with the U.S. Navy and Day 3 of a straight 8 days of work. I returned last night from Columbus where I spend a weekend per month with the Navy. It was another great weekend where I fill the role of XO or "Executive Officer" ... or in true civilian terms, "second in command" of the unit. I had my mid-term counseling, as well, from my boss, the "commanding officer" who told me I was far exceeding his expectations and to keep charging on. Turns out, he will most likely deploy to the war zone next year and I will become the "acting" commanding officer for much of 2013. I knew this would probably happen during my tenure as XO and I gladly accept the challenge.

- I posted this on Facebook on Saturday: "Think outside the box. Know what you want and find a way to make it happen. Don't wait until tomorrow as tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Love up and out and never stop." This popped in my head just after I made an impromptu reservation for my wife and girls to come down to Columbus to share the evening with me. The hotel pool, an evening exploring a new part of Columbus, and simply being together. It was the right decision and priceless time together. Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed. Make the very best of every moment of your life and assume tomorrow will not come. No regrets. No hugs left un-given. No words left un-said. Love UP and OUT with every breath.

- There are many things that have changed since I returned from Afghanistan last November. Many traditions prior ceased to exist and new traditions/routines emerged. One thing that has become priceless is evening walks on the country road we run upon many mornings a week. We see this stretch often before dawn when it's quiet and the dew sits upon the cornfields, when it is waking up with singing birds and first light, and even just prior to sunset as the birds are quieting and new sounds are emerging from the wetlands and swampy areas. It is most definitely "our" place to go and share...often talking about "stuff" only we can hear but equally as much in silence as we walk hand-in-hand or run. Last night, I grabbed some photos with my new iPhone 4S I got late last week which has an improved camera. I snapped several pics and then played around with them with the Instagram app. I thought I'd share them with you this morning before heading off to Day 4 of 8 of work. I hope you enjoy them!
A gate in someone's backyard that we always look at.

"Knee high by the 4th of July"...uh, yes. I'm 6'2"!

Flowing fields of gold. I love this stretch of mature wheat ready for harvest.

More wheat. I love it.

Sunset over "our" stretch of the earth. No one sees it like we do (we don't think!)
Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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