Monday, July 2, 2012

M-Cubed for 7/2/2012

Monday Morning Musings for July Second, Twenty Twelve. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- It's baaaaacccckkkkk!!!! Those random thoughts have risen to the top so for now, let's give M-Cubed a go at it again!

- Feeling great after Saturday's 30 miler. Just a little achy but no pain to speak of. Will certainly be on the road for an easy 5 or 6 before sunrise this morning. As for a future 100 miler...yes, that's still tabled. One thing we discussed was that if I were to pursue it again, a cool weather/mild weather 100 should be looked at vs. a summer version. I've already done Burning River need to do that to myself again. I love the event but it's torture to me. 35 miles this year to pace a friend is plenty for me!

- Yesterday, my wife and I got a few hours to ourselves and started it with some patio dining at Aladdin's Eatery in Hudson. It was about 92F out and humid but with the shade and very light breeze, it was great. I scored big with a new selection off of the menu: Jasmine's Favorite with Lebanese Salata > a fresh mix of cooked beans, veggies, and rice seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices...topped with Lebanese Salata which is chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, scallions, parsley, onion, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and herbs. Oh soooo good and perfect the day after a long run!

- Photo of the Day: OK, I'm giving this a run to see what I think. Every day, I get a "prompt" to encourage me what the theme is. No rules, really...just whatever I think represents that word and I post/share to an album. I could use Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. I chose Facebook and started my album yesterday with a self-portrait. Here's the link which I'll be adding to all month long. Today's prompt? "Busy." Photo of the Day July 2012 album.

- The Cleveland? Yep! I was selected last week to be on active duty for the 2012 Cleveland Navy Week which will be taking place in conjunction with the War of 1812 events that week in August leading into Labor Day. The Blue Angels, Navy Band, Leap Frogs, and more will be there throughout the week. Even a few Navy ships are making their way into the Great Lakes and will be docked in Cleveland! My job, a Protocol Officer, will be to ensure all of the VIPs are taken care of and traditions/courtesies followed when they event planner, of sorts, I suppose. (at least what my wife said when I told her about it!) Interested in Navy Week 2012 nationwide? Here's the link and a link to Cleveland within.

- July 4th holiday...on Wednesday? OK, the calendar is the calendar but come on! By the sounds of it, people were already celebrating last night as we fell asleep to firecrackers outside in the neighborhood. Our 4th will start with the Stow Parade...the BIGGEST parade I've ever been to and one we have made tradition. This year, though, I'll start a new to it. Hey, it's less than 12 miles to our spot on the curb. Parade starts at 10am!

- The final results from Saturday came in and it turns out, the distance traveled by everyone was very evenly spread from 20 miles to 70 miles. I certainly wasn't alone in cutting the 12hrs short. If there is ANY silver lining here, for those who only did 30, I did them the fastest! (LOL!!!) Anyway, I'm really glad to see what many friends accomplished that day and plans are already underway for next year's event...count me in! I can just hear my NE Ohio trail friends: "If I would've known about that finisher's award...." Join us next year! Full Results here.

From yesterday's trail walk and alone time
- Make time. When life's reset button got pushed for me in November 2011 (my return home from Afghanistan), life was reset in just about every way imaginable. One of the big things was complete dedication to my priorities. A few biggies are my marriage and my children. I once heard a couple say "I'll worry about my marriage once my kids are grown and move out." Please don't! We've gotta nurture both relationships daily. Actually, your kids seeing a healthy, vibrant marriage is part of raising them. You model what will define marriage to them. It's either that or let the culture around us do it for you. The choice is clear. So I encourage you this Monday morning...fully dedicate yourself and don't let running, your career or even your Droid or iPhone take priority over those whom are most important to you.

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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