Monday, July 16, 2012

M-Cubed for 7/16/2012

Monday Morning Musings for July Sixteenth, Twenty-Twelve. A smattering of thoughts that don't alone constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- 2 days post-marathon or longer = always the toughest physically...for me. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to ache, drag, and's the day! I started to feel the quads getting sore last night so I was curious how I'd feel at 3:15am this morning. Achy? Yes. Pain? Nope. I'm fine...just keep drinking water and keep moving to keep the blood circulation going. In this photo to the right, can you read the fortune cookie? That was my fortune cookie after yesterday's sushi lunch. :-))) If you can't read it, it says "Winners forget they're in a race, they just love to run." Oh how true. (If you missed the race report, I posted it yesterday. Click on the main banner above to load the main page and it'll be below today's post.)

- Are you a Christian music listener? If so and you have a smart phone that can download apps, you may or may not be familiar with K-Love. It's a nationwide, listener-supported Christian radio station that we listened to primarily when we lived in Virginia Beach. Well, the app streams the live feed 24/7 and we love it. Just visit to download the app.

- Hot. Cold. Toss. Turn. A Wreck. That defines last night's sleep. Shivering cold then sweating and flipping like a whale in the ocean all night long. Yea, 3:15am was early but I was perfectly fine with getting up and breaking that wretched cycle. Oh, how the body repairs itself...just par for the course.

- HUGE congrats to Jim "Slim" Harris, Roy Heger and Cam Baker...all NEO Trail members, who finished the 48-hour time limit Hardrock 100 this past weekend. Actually, it started on THURSDAY and ended on Saturday. Well done, brothers! Kimba, you did great as well and gave it all you had. Well done at the prep and effort you gave. Hold your head high and live to run another day! Roy...your 50th 100-miler!!! WOO HOO!!! You guys all rock...literally!

- I don't do politics here. I'll just say this: Is anyone else not happy with ANY choice on the ticket this fall for the next (or continued) Commander-in-Chief? I honestly dread election day and would just rather skip the next 4 years and get some new candidates. I will say, though, that Romney's pick for a running mate could be a game changer. We shall see.

my "chokers"
- Some great Navy times to share coming up. It was fun getting the uniforms ready last of which I've never worn. Ever seen the dress all-white uniform we nicknamed "Chokers?" It's the one with gold buttons all the way up and tight around the neck. (see right) I LOVE that uniform and finally a chance to wear it is on the horizon. I'll certainly share some pics afterwards. Lots of fun inbound!

- For those with kids: summer is half over. Did you realize that? Wal-Mart and every other retailer sure did. Tick tock...

- I'll comment once more about the BT50K then leave it alone. did not make me want to sign up for another 100-miler. Nope. Just sayin'...

stock photo
- I did get my official orders for the end of August/beginning of September from the Navy. Cleveland Navy Week is coming in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 celebration. They were looking for volunteers several months ago to go on active duty to support this and surprisingly, I was selected. At first, it was for Asst. Protocol Officer. The Protocol Officer is the one who will work with the VIPs visiting the events and ensure all traditions/protocols are followed, etc. throughout the 2-week celebration. Since I was picked and orders issued, the primary Protocol Officer backed out and now I'm the lead! So, I'll be in my whites for nearly two weeks on active duty and still close to home. Can't beat that! The Blue Angels will be coming and several other things including Navy ships and a few Canadian Navy vessels...all docked right there in Cleveland near the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Browns Stadium. I'm looking forward to it!

- Interested in a marriage conference of sorts where the cost is low, location is close, and value high? My wife and I have attended FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember a few times which we love and will do again. Well, FamilyLife created a powerful DVD-driven video series/conference that goes from Friday evening until early afternoon on Saturday. My wife and I will be hosting the "Art of Marriage" coming up in late October on October 19th and 20th. Want a preview? Go to YouTube and type it in and you'll see several examples. If you have any interest, please let me know and I'll get you registered. The cost is $40 per couple and covers the workbooks and food.

- I'm still kicking around writing a book but honestly, I struggle back and forth with it. Peaks and valleys best describe how I feel day to day about sharing. For many days (and nights) like last night, I just want to slip into the night and forever disappear. Other days, I want to reach out and touch every last person with encouragement, hope, and a message. I simply don't know. Day by day for me, I'd say. Today is a new day, right? My job is to choose how to live it and whether to stand in the light or the dark. I "know" the right  place to stand but the fallen, human nature certainly doesn't agree at all times. No one but me to choose.

- I can't seem to shake, lately, the thoughts of a year ago. As many of you know, I blogged daily while deployed to Afghanistan. Lately, it's like tip-toeing towards Day 121 of my deployment, the day I stood on the flight line as nearly 40 flag-draped caskets headed home. Remember the helicopter that was shot down with all of those Navy SEALs? I was there to salute them leaving the country. Today a year ago was Day 98...2 days before a huge landmark...Day 100. I honestly don't care for many of the memories and am fine without them, but they're there, regardless. The blog is still there, if you want to peruse. I hate how the media in this country forgets about the war going on. No news or mention unless something "glamorous" or super bad happens. Guess what...anytime blood is shed for this country is super bad. It's not secret about those giving their lives, either. It's published daily for us all to read here. Just yesterday, we lost another Army soldier from Illinois. Remember, especially, the families left behind...the wives..the kids...the friends and loved ones. We're still at war, friends.

- I went to bed thinking I'd run this morning. I think it best to rest. Honestly, when I began this post, I was going to run. I think I'll just take a long hot shower and get to work...and insert some good reading and devotional stuff in there first. It's Monday...need to start it right.

Have a great week, everyone!

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