Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day 2012

The July 4th holiday was quite a day that ended quite well...little girls passed out on the couch with me as I watched fireworks over New York City on TV, preceded by the July 4th celebration at the Capitol in Washington, DC. But first...

No real reason to get up early but when we did get up, we headed out just after sunrise for an intended 6 miles before heading a few towns over to the biggest parade of the year. Hitting the road, the onslaught of monster flies began and my wife was a bit more pooped than usual. Humidity or whatever, she was zapped. Our 6 became 4 miles and on the way back after slapping my head no less than 50 times, trying to kill those buggers....gulp. One of those monsters was lodged at the back of my throat and immediately, the self-inflicted gagging began to try and prevent the inevitable. No such luck. Down went a fly into my stomach to enjoy my stomach acids instead of just leaving me alone! Dangit for us both. So disgusting.

Back home, only 4 miles were logged and my intent was to run to the parade which started at 10am. She made me my routine 2 eggs and toast and after letting it settle for a few, I made up a bottle of Heed, stashed my military ID and 5 bucks and hit the road, telling her "I'm going to go a different direction and add a few miles." I was off. The forecast for the day included a heat advisory and temps were expected to hit triple digits and it was already beginning. I'm tough, though, right?!? I can easily make it to the parade by 10.

I think it was probably about 6 or 7 miles later, my bottle of Heed was already gone, the heat and humidity were climbing by the minute, seemingly, so I dropped into the Walgreen's store to buy a Gatorade. While there, I went to check my iPhone to see where I was on mileage and dangit, it's dead. DEAD! It was fully charged when I left home but apparently, my Nathan handheld carrier I rave about is NOT water proof...or sweat proof in this case, I'm guessing. That's the only thing I can think of, here...that the sweat from my hand made it's way in and this morning, it's still dead. It's been in rice for hours, plugged into the charger, and every combination of reset buttons pushed and nothing, nada, zippo. Not happy!  Anyway, back to the run...I kept on going and the combination of hot asphalt underneath me and the beating sun behind me was certainly taking its toll. As I left town #2 and entered the third, I was running out of Gatorade again and knew I'd better get another and determine the time. I stopped at a Sheetz station in Kent and asked the time: "10:10am, Sir." WHAT?!?! The parade had already started and my wife was probably worried sick about me. I'm sure she was trying to track me (which would produce nothing with a dead iPhone) and I was late which simply doesn't happen. I asked if the clerk could send my wife a text who said she couldn't but the manager might. She did and I was super thankful for that. I'll be writing a thank-you today for that. "ur husband is ok. at sheetz on rt 59 and heading ur way. phone is dead." Eventually around 11am, I arrived at the parade having no idea how far I had gone or the temps. The answer? 94F and 16.5 miles which produced 20.5 for the day. Spent. Parched. Wooped. That's enough of the heat and distance until the BT50K a week from this Saturday, for sure.

The rest of the day was spent between my parents and a friends house. The photo below is of friends of mine who are all Army reservists and vets of the war in Iraq...and me. The Navy guy. In fact, the flag behind us flew in Iraq on July 4, 2011. HOME safe and sound. Cool, eh?! After that, it was just past 6pm and the heat was pounding so we all headed up and simply chillaxed for the rest of the day, ending with watching "A Capitol Fourth," fireworks over New York City and the beginning of the Boston Pops celebration. The best part was John Williams at the Capitol. John Williams, composer of some of the best soundtracks in history (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and countless more), has composed for 4 of the Olympics and did another for the London Games this year. He was age 80...and the National Orchestra played it under his leadership. WOW. I checked online but the performance is nowhere to be found just yet. Simply amazing and powerful.
I hope you had a great Independence Day, everyone.

Have a great day and Happy Trails!

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