Monday, December 20, 2010

M-Cubed for 12/20/2010

Monday Morning Musings for December Twentieth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Last week, I made reference to a winter storm bearing down on us.  Well, it all depended on where you lived as to how much snow fell.  As for me, I live in the "Lake Erie Snow Belt" and the lake hasn't frozen yet so it churns out snow like it's going out of style.  We got over 18 inches!  Schools were canceled for Monday and Tuesday which forced me to stay home as well with my girls. :-)  Haven't got much snow since but it also hasn't been over 32F so all the snow still sits out there.  And it isn't even Winter, yet...

- Saturday was URINEO...pronounced "uree-no"...stands for Ultrarunners in northeast Ohio.  Basically, it's an unofficial event where runners run between 8 and 50 miles around the main two lakes at Mill Creek State Park, the same location of September's YUT-C 50K.  I did one loop for 8 miles so I started much, much later than the 4am start for others.  I also brought a very full crock pot of turkey/veggie chili for everyone afterwards as we all gathered at the Old Log Cabin for the 1st annual NEO Trail Fest.  It was a great time had by all!  Of course, I grabbed some spectacular photos along the way and they're posted here. I sure do love the NEO Trail Club crew!  Great job to everyone who had a hand in organizing the event and to all who showed up in the 15-20F sunny weather! And to Slim...58 miles!!!  CRAZY, man!

- I was going to put up a post just about this but I'll limit my anger to just one bullet point today: Glenn Beck.  Yea, yea, yea...many of you would assume that I'd be a fan, simply because I live "right of center" and am conservative.  You'd be wrong, too.  I greatly dislike the man and his rants, drama, and cult-like following.  To me, he is a show boat of conspiracy theories, arrogance, and emptiness.  I don't watch his show, but for a few moments here and there, I'll tune in on XM Radio on the way home from work since the majority of my drive happens in the 5 o'clock hour.  A whole lot of talk, gloom-n-doom, and how he weaves in foul language into it all...well, it just grates me.  Anyway, that's my one little snippet of frustration that I needed to share.  There's a lot more where this came from but it'll have to be saved for the trail.  The opposite of frustration would be on Sunday night on TLC...Sarah Palin's Alaska.  :-)  You see?  I'm "balanced!"

- Last night, my church hosted our annual Christmas Cantata.  Marjie and both my girls participated, attended the many, many rehearsals and my only job was behind the camera.  My Canon G11 sure does have a great low-light setting which was perfect since the lights were out.  I put the pictures into a video, set to a beautiful piano solo of "Carol of the Bells."  Only 3min long.  Watch it here and enjoy!  Great job to Amy Johnson who planned everything and led the program!  WELL DONE!!!

- Christmas in 5 days.  Tree down in 6.  I'm just sayin'....  (although highly unlikely this will happen...just wishful thinkin'!!!)  The Christmas music has been good this year, though.  I've listened to XM's Holiday Pops a lot this year instead of the contemporary stuff.  I love hearing the strings and brass playing traditional Christmas music.

- For you Dave Ramsey fans, you'll love this: I had a very vivid dream early last week where I visited "Financial Peace Plaza"...where his business is located in Tennessee and where he broadcasts his radio and TV show from.  He actually took the time out to come out and talk to me, plan our "Debt Free Scream" for next year, AND he gave me his personal phone number and e-mail address.  I woke up totally bummed the dream had NOT happened but it sure was "real" while it happened!  Thanks, Uncle Dave!

- I was left to myself a few nights ago and spent it at the theater to see "The Fighter," starring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, and Amy Adams.  I now see why they got 6 Golden Globe nominations...all well deserved!  Very, very good movie and a true one, too.  4 stars!  Movie homepage.  Afterwards, I saw Angelina Jolie in "The Tourist."  Awful.  Just awful and not even worth the $1.00 rental cost at the RedBox where you'll find it soon enough.

- My Navy duties are over for calendar year 2010 but in January, loads of joy await.  While I'm in Columbus in January, I will have the joy of getting my first shot in a series of Anthrax...oh joy!!!  I'll also get the TB shot and typhoid.  Marjie is telling me I'd better take some ibuprofen with me that weekend.  Way to kick off 2011!!!

- Speaking of 2011, I'm going to make a run at the Rootstown School Board.  3 positions will open in November next year and I plan to be on the ballot.  Under a campaign motto of "Integrity. Service. Accountability", friends have already come forward to stand alongside me in my pursuit of a seat on the Board.  After the first of the year, I'll waste no time getting the signatures via petition and filing the necessary paperwork with the county.  Being a non-partisan election, there is no conflict with my government job nor my military service, I just can't use a military photo as my primary campaign photo, although I can use it and refer to it.  I'm brainstorming now but am going to start a website soon, using Blogger.  Stand by!

- A friend (Amy) recently suggested the following from Starbucks: a salted caramel hot chocolate mocha with extra shots of espresso.  That just sounds awesome in every way and reason to leave for work early this morning.  Hey, it's only 4:30am right now so I've got plenty of time.  I think I'll modify it to white chocolate and add soy milk.  That will be an avalanche of sweetness!!!  Vanilla soy...white chocolate...caramel...oh my!!

- My 4th Annual WaterFalls Run....THIS Sunday!!!  Should have around 100 runners out there! I also picked up my new Gorillapod this past week via  Now I can wrap my camera around a tree limb, on top of any uneven rock, and it serves as a great handle to carry my camera while running!

Happy Trails, everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  (Leave the "X" out of Christmas!)

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