Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coming Home: It's America

I love to serve...that's no secret.  I love to salute our national flag, I love to wear the cloth of our nation, and I am blessed to have a force behind me (my family) that does not waiver.  Returning home last night from seven days on active duty in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area, I was flooded with emotions as I drove through the Pennsylvania mountains via the Penna Turnpike and into Ohio.  It's almost chameleon-like and quite hard to explain.  It's like shedding one skin to reveal another but having that old skin still underneath.  In Ohio, every county has one painted barn...somewhere...that has the logo on it for Ohio...I believe they are for our Bicentennial.  Actually, if you want to see them all, go here.  Seeing those, the many harvested cornfields, and homes blanketed with snow and no hint of military around, I felt a strong sense of "country"..."patriotism"..."dedication"...and H O M E.  If home was Virginia Beach, it would feel totally different. There, military members are everywhere and most likely your neighbors.  Here, it's totally different and like living under the veil of what is true.  It also felt totally "right" to turn on some country music which is far and away, the best collection of patriotic, country-loving songs around.  Right away, I ran across Rodney Atkins' song, "It's America."  It defines so simply what is great about America and it really fuels my passion for that.  Unlike many songs where you can't understand the lyrics, this one is easy.  If you really can't, here they are.  Enjoy.

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