Thursday, December 2, 2010

First/Foot Prints

There is something incredibly majestic about winter running.  As I headed out today under a temperature of 25F and a windchill of 13F and under a thick cloud cover, it was at first a bit uncomfortable.  However, as I veered onto my favorite country road, I was granted the privilege of laying down the first prints in the snow covered road.  Breeze blowing cold, cornfields harvested, and flickering security lights on the scattered homes, the picture...or better yet, the painting that I was running into was surreal.  A friend recently said to me how there has never been a run that he eventually did that he regretted.  Yes, on days like today when I wake up at 3:30am, peer out the window at Old Glory battling the wind and look at the thermometer that is hanging on at 25F, heading out doesn't seem like the most logical of things to do.  Yet as my good friend said, the morning run in the bitter cold and biting wind never disappoints.

Happy First Footprints, friends...wherever they may lead you today.

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Anonymous said...

It is like sex, the worst I ever had was pretty good.