Monday, January 4, 2010

M-Cubed for 1/4/10

Monday Morning Musings for January Fourth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Back to the grind, time to lace up, time to grab the bull by the horns...whatever your saying is, many head back to work or school this morning and give an obligatory wave goodbye officially to the holidays and 2009. Same here. I bet we'll have a line a mile long and standing room only in our waiting room this morning. Oh, joy!

- Referring back to heading back to work, it's 21F out. If it were 5F, it would still be better to head out and run before heading to work. The alternative simply isn't an alternative. "MUST RUN. MUST MAINTAIN SANITY."

- I never thought doing a budget could be "fun." In fact, I'd call you crazy if you told me so. Well, our journey to financial freedom to being debt free, still in its infancy stage, got a nice adrenaline shot yesterday. You'd be amazed the money you find when you write it all down. I created a Google spreadsheet outlining the debts along with their paydown order so we visually could see it then made a week-by-week budget through July. For the first time, we'll really benefit from those 5-pay months that happen a few times a year. Seeing it all laid out, I can't wait! Being cash-only for the past 2 weeks has been different, for sure, but we're motivated...we're a team...and we're fired up to crush our goals. All the pieces are now in place!

- Check this out: by taking our mortgage payment and dividing it over 4 weeks in a month, we effectively make one extra payment per year and over time, pay early. Just this simple tweak will result in a payoff 5 years early and a savings of over $50,000 in interest. It actually makes it easier to budget when dealing with a weekly payment instead of the monster once a month. The extra payment comes because: normally, you have 12 payments in one year (12 months). When you pay weekly (or bi-weekly...whichever is easier), it comes out to 13 payments in a year because of 52 weeks in the year, not 48. Sweet!

- 12 miles on Saturday. Yep, that's it. I was out on a single digit windchill Saturday morning around the roads of Hudson, trying to have a kickoff run for VR Training. We only had a total of 12 folks and many weren't new. A better weather day and I'm sure more would have shown up. Still, considering the weather, it was a good showing. My mileage was WAY down last week.

- Physical therapy starts tomorrow in N. Canton. I'll be seeing a physical therapist who is also a marathoner so hopefully, she'll have some mercy on my schedule. I'm OK with decreased's like a forced vacation from running but I'm sure I'll have some core work and cardio work ordered up by her to help some calories still get burned. I also plan to beat the crap out of my heavy bag that hangs in my basement. If I just maintain a base level of fitness, I'll be happy. As for the Run for Regis on the 17th of this month, let's just see what she says tomorrow. I highly doubt I'll be getting a green light. Regis isn't the goal...MMT is. May 15th. There is time...

- If you are among the 645 WRTR newsletter subscribers, don't worry! Yes, I'm aware that the 1st has passed and no newsletter has come out. Statistics prove that sending a newsletter between Friday and Monday and over holidays greatly reduce the chance of actually reading it so as a matter of practice, it will always be delayed when this happens. With that said, it's done and ready and will 'mail' tomorrow morning, January 5th (a Tuesday). Read it with your cup-o-joe!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

Ya, would shoot for MMT. Not push the chance of taking you'r self out. But keeping in shape for such a big race will be hard!