Monday, January 11, 2010

M-Cubed for 1/11/2010

Monday Morning Musings for January Eleventh, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- It really trips my trigger when there are no 'perceived' seats available at my departure gate at the airport, people are sitting on the grubby floor with backs up against the wall, and lazy people can't pick up their freakin' bags off the seat next to them to free up a seat. Oh, that fires me up!

- Something warm and fuzzy overcomes me when I enter the Commonwealth of Virginia. After spending several years there in the mid to late 1990s, returning there certainly makes me miss it. Maybe retiring there with my bride could actually happen some day. She'll be happy. I'll be happy. Into the sunset we'll go...

- I had a great trip to the Williamsburg area of Virginia this past weekend. Just across I-64 is the Naval Weapons Station along with the headquarters of the Expeditionary Logistics Force which is over the command I currently serve at. It was a great training weekend for my unit and a chance to put to practice all the stuff we exist to do. This trip I had a comfy bed. Next time, I'll be set up in a tent camp for 2 weeks. FUN!

- Today is session #2 for physical therapy. My confidence factor is lowering, my outlook is turning more pessimistic, and I hurt after every stinkin' run...and I'm hardly doing anything. Keep this up and I'll be re-buying all those larger sized jeans I gave to Goodwill 2 years ago. Dangit.

- Do some people seriously have the inability to feel the cool air blowing by their rear end as they bare their plumber's butt? Seriously, people! I walked into a restaurant at the Philadelphia Airport last night and a guy at the bar, watching the 4th quarter of the Cardinals/Packers game, was letting his hairy arse hang out for the world to see. I JUST DON'T GET IT! (and I don't think I want to)

- I finished reaching "The Total Money Makeover" on my flight down to Virginia. (thanks to the winter storm last week, I had plenty of dead airport time) Marjie has finished it as well and we are well on our way into Baby Step #2. Honestly, it is so relaxing to have a budget, cash in my wallet, on a name on every dollar before payday even gets here. It's a completely different way to live. I consider it a huge victory to be on 3-days of travel and not charge one stinkin' thing. Well, except for my lodging on my government credit card. Word is, our government has no problem with debt and racking it up. Sorry, I don't subscribe to that mentality, Mr. President. Debt owns our will not own me!

- I miss my friends dearly in southeast Virginia. Being back on the traffic-infested I-64, seeing signs for the 2 tunnels, and running besides the Atlantic ocean on my morning run yesterday really poured salt on that open wound. Honestly, if we wanted to to uproot right now, we could. I have a job that I could easily transfer and Marjie's a high demand no matter where she goes. The 2 x-factors for us in Ohio are family for one, and if I'm being totally honest, the local running community. I feel just a bit interwoven into that world and it would stink to leave it. For now, we believe we are where we are supposed to be but options are always on the table. (word is, there are some great ultra-running races in Virginia....hmmmm....MMT!!!!)

- I keep hearing about people tapering for this Sunday's Run for Regis 50K and other various comments. My decision on if to run it and how much to run it won't be decided until the day arrives. I think a heart-to-heart discussion will be needed with my physical therapist this morning and a reality check. I'm fed up with my lack of progress in healing right now. I remember the days of running 30mile back-to-backs without a problem and dying for more. Now, 6 miles on the road is uncomfortable.

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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