Monday, January 25, 2010

M-Cubed for 1/25/2010

Monday Morning Musings for January Twenty-Fifth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- I saw Avatar over the weekend. I figured that if it's going to break the all-time grossing record and eclipse Titanic, I'd better see it. At first when it came out, I thought it was just another sci-fi flick. The news is that at first, 80% of viewers were men. Now, it's pretty much split right down the middle between men and women. Marjie and I saw it and really liked it. It was definitely a very "green" movie and took very obvious jabs at those who are mowing down forests and I also think they were referring to those who would drill for oil at the expense of what sits atop the ground above the well. It also had a big "religious" side...or whatever you want to call it. It really wasn't religious, per se, but the reference to a "higher being" and how the energy exists that connects all living beings and things was very pronounced. It reminded me a lot of Star Wars regarding "The Force" that flows through people. Very similar parallel. I certainly don't subscribe to talking to the "universe" or believe that I can talk to nature, but this movie certainly represented a point of view that I would guess that many feel they can relate to. All in all, a spectacular movie that we really enjoyed. James Cameron took 4 years and 10,000 computers to make it! Simply amazing. Gee, he made Titanic, too. Good chance that money isn't an issue right now for that man.

- Physical therapy is now complete and it's on my shoulders to get strong. As I went through the motions last night in my basement, I was amazed at how exhausted I became with extremely little or absolutely no movement whatsoever. At least I KNOW how weak I am in the little-used areas around my mid-section. Obliques, glutes, hip flexors...they all need to get strong and play their part. I honestly didn't miss the trails this weekend. I'm sure they were very muddy. With temps in the 40s and plenty of rain yesterday...added to the snow melt, they had to be a sloppy mess! The warm temps were like a tease, though. We are still deep in the middle of winter up here in Ohio. Instead, I got in a comfy 14 around home on the roads. Comfy today is defined as around a 9min pace. I really couldn't care less about my is what it is. It was great to hear many birds singing on the run...reminding me that Spring really isn't too far away.

- I really, really hope I have a green light to run the Oil Creek course on February 27th. People have been asking me about the date for the 2010 event (assuming I would know!) which has me thinking about Oil Creek and how much I love it. In case you, too, are wondering, the date hasn't been set. The middle school which serves as headquarters/start/finish hasn't set their football schedule yet for the fall. Hopefully by the end of February/early March, we'll know. The hope is that it is again on Columbus Day weekend in October. I am really leaning heavily towards running it again this year...the 100 mile distance, of course. Seriously people, would I run anything else?!

- I'm so glad that I don't care about football. I got so much done yesterday instead of sitting in front of the TV. Those dang Christmas lights are finally down. I seriously do not want to put them up again next year...I mean later THIS year. I am looking forward to the Super Bowl, though. With a business education, I love to watch how companies market themselves in a short bit of time for such HUGE money. For average 30 second commercial will cost 3 MILLION dollars. Think about that as you watch the Clydesdales.

- I've got this nasty cut under my right arm in my armpit. It hurts just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue how I got it. Perhaps while I was in my Avatar body?

- No calls for me to go to Haiti. I really want to go but at my new command, we are in our certification year so other battalions have precedence over us so they'd get the call first. This IS our cup-o-tea, though. Humanitarian aid and support is one of the things we are fully capable of providing. It's good to see the Navy doing more than any other service, though. We've got a huge flotilla of ships surrounding Haiti right now.

- I really enjoyed pretending it wasn't January on this morning's run. 48F, 6 miles, shorts and short sleeve tech tee, no rain, no wind...just right. The number one sound was flowing water into gutter systems as the rain and snow melt flow to the underground. The forecast? 48F and goin' down!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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