Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

Today, I'll not work, not punch a time clock, and I got to sleep in. Across the globe, U.S. military members are plodding through sand-blowing streets, scrapping up a hillside in Afghanistan, standing watch on-board an aircraft carrier, or running a humanitarian mission off the coast of Africa. Today, Veterans Day, November 11th of every year is a day where we, as Americans celebrate those who have served their country...your country, and continue to do so today. With my job, I will always have this day off but believe it or not, I won't spend it on the trails running or sitting behind the computer blogging. Instead, I want to honor those who have served and continue to do so by simply raising the awareness of this holiday by spending it with the most impressionable among us...little kids. I hope through my time each year on this date that a younger generation can recognize the sacrifices of those before them and the chance they have some day to walk in their shoes.

Do me a favor: not just today but every day, think about those who protect your freedom. Remember those who have spilled their blood so that you, your kids, and their kids can live in a free country. You may enjoy your opportunity to freely take a walk today...a choice to worship, or not worship this Sunday...the ability to speak your mind in a public forum without the fear of persecution...don't forget that so many in this world don't have the simplest freedoms we take for, included. We are a comfortable people...a people who find it all too simple to forget the selfless sacrifices going on around the clock to secure our freedoms. A veteran is anyone who is serving or who has served previously. They didn't have to be in a war or conflict or be seriously injured. They served...they stepped forward...they defended YOU. Find one, thank one, and support our military no matter what party you affiliate with or what opinions you have. We in the United States military have no party affiliation nor do we care what party affiliation you are. You are Americans and we have chosen to stand in the gap for you. Celebrate this day with us!


Slim said...

Happy Veteran's day Sailor.

Mike said...

It's funny, because there is a strong societal bias to view veterans as those who have been to a conflict. I see it all the time. I attended my daughters school ceremony this morning and the principal called out all the vets from wars and conflicts back through WWII. They all raised there hands and were acknowledged. He never asked for those who served in peacetimes.

Me - I was lucky enough to serve 6 years (1992-1998) in peacetime, and he never asked about me. I wondered what my daughter thought...she is 7. My unit, however, did go twice to Iraq so far. I was an M1 Abrams Armor Crewman. (19K)