Monday, November 2, 2009

M-Cubed for 11/2/09

Monday Morning Musings for November Second, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Halloween Candy: get it the heck out of my house! It has incredible powers to unwrap itself and somehow get inside all of us!

- T-6 days until the first running of the Bobcat Trail Marathon down in Burr Oak State Park! I'll be heading down to help out Vince and Brandon with packet pick-up and last minute sales for Vertical Runner. Current weather has the high in the 50s and low in the mid 30s. Perfect fall trail running weather! It should be a great time with lots of local runners making the trek down there. The Lodge has sold out, race numbers are approaching 150 runners, and for me, I'll be celebrating a milestone: marathon #25!

- Psoas muscle update: the only running I've done since mid-week last week has been about 3.5hrs total of trail running at West Branch State Park. All of it (well, most of it) has been nice and easy and babying this muscle. Yes, I can still feel it but it no longer hurts and doesn't change my stride or pace. The real indicator is after the run and the next morning and that is all good news. I have no lingering issues after the run and it doesn't hurt the morning after. I will run very, very little this week and hopefully, it cooperates at Bobcat. Regardless, I'll run and complete Bobcat, but it won't be some blistering time or anything. My goal is not to sideline myself after Bobcat but instead, dive headfirst into some great, cold, fall trail running. This is a magnificent time of year to be on the trails.

- Greatly lacking from my routine has been lifting weights. I used to do it 3 to 4 times a week in my basement. I've got the bench, plenty of weights, and even a heavy bag calling my name that hangs from the ceiling but months ago when I geared up for my 100s, I stopped. Back then, I focused on upper body work to better even myself out since I was getting so much lower body work on the trails. It worked well and made me much stronger with increased endurance. With things kinda settling now, I'm incorporating that back in and hopefully will see some results. It will certainly help my uphill power on the trails as I have turned those into whole-body climbs instead of trying to just run them. I'll go back to focusing on upper body and core strength with the occasional heavy bag workout. I can't do that in the morning, though, because it shakes the entire house. :-)

- Signed up for a Thanksgiving morning race yet? One tradition of mine is to run the Home Run for the Homeless on Thanksgiving morning. I collect my used running shoes from the year that have no use anymore, clean them up well, and take them to the race to be donated to the homeless. It's pretty cool to see the hundreds of others pairs of running shoes, too. The 4-mile race normally has a huge field and is very challenging as it goes through Glendale Cemetery which has humbling climb after humbling climb. Sign up early to avoid the traditional very long line on race morning, especially if the weather is good. Registration form here.

- I started the WRTR group on Facebook only a couple of days ago and we're already up to 98 members! If you haven't joined in yet, just search for WRTR and you'll find it. It'll be a great way to keep the local trail running community informed on a daily basis of what's going on in the local trail running scene. Speaking of WRTR, watch for the newsletter tonight or early tomorrow morning in your inbox...another great one! I'm really happy about the success of the newsletter which has now crested the 500-subscriber point for the first time at 537 unique subscribers with an extremely low reject rate when mailed. It's very exciting to be in the midst of it all!

- The Casting Crowns concert on Friday night was incredible. The concert sold out with 3600 people which just fueled an already great night. Casting Crowns' music is always the last thing I listen to before heading out on an ultra-marathon, especially my 100-milers. I find that the last few songs listened to stick in my head for hours on end and their music is what I want in there! Specifically, I listen to Lifesong and Praise You in the Storm just before I head to the starting line. On Friday, they opened up the concert with Lifesong and Praise You in the Storm was second to last for the evening. Wow....WOW! It was an incredible night!

- It's official. The 50 miler has been dropped from the 2010 Oil Creek Trail Runs. In its place will be a 100K distance (62.4 miles) which will greatly simplify the race course. The course consists of 50K loops so instead of having a 50 miler that has little "adders" everywhere to get in the distance, the 100K will simply be two 50K loops with the 100 miler retaining its design of three loops plus the final "headed home" 7.75 mile loop. The Oil Creek 100 was the first 100 mile race I finished that I immediately thought that I'd do again so for now, it's a "maybe" for 2010. My Navy schedule will most likely make that decision for me. Speaking of Oil Creek, if you have any interest in seeing the course, I'm throwing around the idea of going out there on the last Saturday in February for a FA 50K. I'd like to do one loop of the course (31.2 miles) and start/finish at the Blue Canoe Brewery in Titusville. I'll get the word out if this idea actually grabs hold and gets put on the calendar.

- I ordered my first pair of CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Running tights. They sponsored the Oil Creek 100 and the rep made us all a very generous offer so I'm going to try them out. They're much more than just "tights" but before I preach about them, I need to try them out. They make huge claims about reduced fatigue, quicker recovery, greater core stability, etc. so we shall see!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Kim said...

Post your Oil Creek FA idea on the NEO Trail Club Forum to keep the idea out there.See you Saturday at Burr Oak!!