Monday, November 23, 2009

M-Cubed for 11/23/09

Monday Morning Musings for November Twenty-Third, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Blog-slacking, I know. Yea, yea, yea....I've been in sort of a running and blogging hibernation. Call it a mental/physical re-charge of sorts. It is ending, though. :-)

- I am a happily married man of 17 years now. Marjie and I celebrated 17 years this past weekend and kicked it off by heading out to West Branch State Park for Marjie's first-ever trail run. There were closed signs at the normal trail entrances like the mountain-bike trails and the Buckeye Trail due to deer-hunting season. However, there are some trails over by the camping area that are off-limits to hunters. Turns out, these trails (new to me) are the most scenic I've seen at West Branch. We had a blast and after dropping to a knee for the 2nd time, she said "Yes!" again! This is us taking a break at the trail-head of Wild Black Cherry Trail. Cool name, eh?!

- T minus 7 days until registration opens up for the 2010 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 (MMT). It will open on Monday, November 30th for one week, then close. The lottery will happen the next day for May 2010's race! It's a cool lottery...all by chance and driven by the closing price on the stock market for that day. Here's how it works.

- Thanks to Mel at Vertical Runner for referring me for a photo shoot yesterday. Craig M. (who designed the WRTR logo, by the way) is working on a new website for a sunglasses company and needed someone to "model" the sunglasses. That was a first and I'm anxious to see the new site when it goes up in about a week or so. Great product, too!

- The volume of e-mails have certainly increased from friends or folks I've never met before who want to get into trail running. They are asking for advice from shoe advice, to what to wear, to where to find trails. I think it's time that someone did a trail running clinic so BAM!!!!...I'm doing one! I've created the event on Facebook which is open to anyone who'd like to attend. It will be at 11am on Saturday, December 12th at the Kendall Shelter off of Truxell Road and will conclude with a 4 mile run including the Salt Run Trail. For anyone else wanting to run earlier that day, I'm planning on a 3-4 hour trail run starting pre-dawn. Details to follow on Facebook and here at RTRSBM.

- I'm anxious for my annual waterfalls run to get here to in order to fulfill my need to run the course, I'm running it in reverse this Saturday morning, starting at 7am from the Lock 29 overflow lot with Fishers to follow afterwards for a late breakfast. However, I've dubbed it the nuR sllafretaW group run...waterfalls run in reverse. That's the course we'll follow...reverse of the course that we'll run on December 26th. 7am sharp! Be prepared to get muddy, wet, and it'll be COLD!!!

- Got some old running shoes you don't use anymore? Clean 'em up and bring them to downtown Akron this Thanksgiving morning to donate to the homeless in Akron and run the Home Run for the Homeless 4-miler! It's an annual tradition for me so of course, I'll be there with a bag of shoes in tow! It's yet another excuse to see a ton of my friends all in one place. I love this running community!

- With winter, I think it's time to get speedy! I am happy to report that my issue with my left psoas muscle that acted up at Mile 20 of the Oil Creek 100 miler is cooperating and playing nicely. Yes, I can feel it after a night's sleep and occasionally at other times, but it is not causing me problems while walking or running and on trails, I really can't detect it. I am, however, worried that if I pushed it hard on the roads and opened up a longer strider, I'd possibly make it bad again so racing hard this Thursday is out of the question. That's where I think it all started...when I was racing the Labor of Love Run back on Labor Day. But, back to being speedy over the winter. Back at Oil Creek, the sales rep for CW-X was there and offered all of us a sweet deal to get a pair of their performance tights. This product makes lots of claims but before I preach about 'em, I think I'll wear them a bit. I finally got them on my doorstep this week and yea, they make me 'feel' kinda speedy. We shall see!

- I don't claim to be fast. I used to try to be when I was targeting a qualification time for the Boston Marathon but anymore, my passion is out on the trails and covering further and further distances, efficiently and having a really good time. As a long-time supporter of Vertical Runner in Hudson, you can understand then why I was excited to see a new logo that Mark Godale came up with. No, it's not a replacement logo for their store but a logo for some tech tees. I got a bright red, long-sleeve Nike tech tee with this logo on the back. It's not small, either, and takes up the majority of the back. Cool logo and accurate words to describe me these days. Super cool!

- A new chapter kicks off for me here in December with the Navy. I will be transferring to a new command where I'll finally get my shot at leadership. It's a command that is of high priority for the Navy and has no limits to where it can go in the world. I won't 'officially' slip into the job until I graduate from the Navy's Supply Corps School in March in Athens, GA, but I'll be there ready to go. I took my final exam and passed just last weekend so between now and March, I'm done with my Supply Corps training. Good times and very exciting! (Here's a little about this new command if you'd like to read about it.) Extremely detailed info about my Navy career will be pretty limited here on my blog...with the global climate as it currently is, I don't see the need to make it all public but hey, join me on a trail run someday and I'll spill my guts for ya!

Exciting times right now. The holidays have magically appeared already (even though it seems like WAY too soon!) and my 'need' to sign up for another 100-miler has finally appeared again. This 'decompression' time since Oil Creek has been wonderful but it's time to start ramping it up again...just in time for the winter best training time of the year. For those of you who revert to the (d)readmill or do nothing over the winter, you don't know what you're missing! The right gear to protect yourself and this season can really be a blast. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favorite trails loaded down with snow on the pines and icicles hanging from the rock formations. But enough talk about sub-freezing temps...they're not here just yet!

Happy Trails, everyone, and have a great week and a great Turkey Day!

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