Monday, November 30, 2009

M-Cubed for 11/30/09

Monday Morning Musings for November Thirtieth, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Registration opens up at 9am! Today, for one week, the flood gates will be opened for the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club's MMT100, the 16th Annual Massanutten Mountain Trails 100. MMT has a nickname of "Massanutten Rocks!" and for good reason...more rocks to navigate than any other 100 miler on the east coast. Gnarly enough to warrant a 36 hour cutoff, too...instead of the typical 30hr cutoff for a 100-miler. Another little factoid: no woman from Ohio has ever finished MMT. Hopefully, Tanya Cady who directs the Winter Run for Regis will be the first as she will be registering today as well. After the week passes, registration will close at 9pm next Monday then the Dow Jones closing stock price on Tuesday will determine the starters for the 2010 event. Sound confusing? It's really not but if you want to read the lottery procedure, grab a cup of coffee and read it! May 15, 2010 is the day! It's fair to say this is my 2010 target event.
- "Build it and they will come." A quote from a popular baseball movie but true this past Saturday. With still a month to the Water Falls run on 12/26, I was tired of waiting to see the 3 different waterfalls and get wet so I organized a backwards running of the course and dubbed it the nuR sllafretaW. Once we picked up Wild Bill's group about 4.75mi into the 18mi run, we had about 20 folks show up. 12 showed up at Lock 29 for the 7am start. As expected, I do believe everyone had a blast and I'm pretty sure some folks got their feet totally soaked and immersed with Buttermilk Falls' water for the first time. I loved going knee-deep into the icy water. Of course, I had my camera in tow and ended up with a whoppin' 94 pictures. Here they are. Big thanks to those who showed up!
- I am organizing and giving a Trail Running 101 talk and short trail run on Saturday, December 12th at 11am. It will cover the basics of trail running to including shoes, 'how to run' trails, sock selection, foot care on the trails, traction in the winter time, and the basics of nutrition/hydration. Afterwards, I'll lead a 4 mile run of the infamous Salt Run Trail. The meeting place will be at the Kendall Lake Shelter off of Truxell Road. Search on Facebook for "Nick's Trail Running 101" and please RSVP if you plan on attending. (If you're interested in a long trail run early that morning, I'll be heading one up, too. Early start with at least 3 hours on the trails is the goal.)

- I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day and days surrounding the holiday. I must say that hosting a family dinner at our house has benefits like a re-creation of the meal the day after. Something about homemade stuffing as a leftover....oh so good. Prior to that, I ran in my annual tradition, the Home Run for the Homeless in downtown Akron which benefits the homeless shelter down there. Over 4000 runners participated in both events, the 1-mile fun run and the 4-mile race. To keep myself from racing, I carried my camera along the way and got some great pictures. About 29 to be exact. Racing this race would have pushed the reset button on my left psoas muscle recovery which has been active since the Oil Creek 100. The goal was just to have fun on a Turkey Day tradition and that's what I did! Gobble, gobble!

- I've always been mildly envious of those runners who have spouses who run and can share the roads/trails with them or their SO's (significant others). Yesterday, the sun was bright and we had an abnormally warm late-November day here in northeast Ohio and our kids were decorating the Christmas tree at Marjie's parents so we capitalized on the opportunity and headed to beautiful Mill Creek Park in Youngstown. Many think of Mill Creek in Youngstown and pair it up with the economically depressed city...everything negative, essentially. The trails within the park are anything but that, in fact. We parked at the gardens and I took Marjie on one loop of the lower loop of the YUT-C 50K course. I really didn't intend on doing the whole loop...maybe just 3 miles out and turn around. Marjie has always been more of a power-walker and not a runner and this was only the 2nd time ever to 'run' on the trails. Well, I'm baffled at why she doesn't run instead of walk. She looks like a natural runner with a perfect gait...much UNlike her husband! Once we were about 3 miles into the run and she was doing so well, I decided we'd go the whole way around. She really did great but did take a pretty nasty fall within the final 2 miles. As of last night, she couldn't straighten her left arm, her left elbow was swollen, and a nasty black-n-blue mark was on her shoulder and a mark on the side of her head. This morning should be interesting. :-) The overly positive thing was becoming "one" with the it a mutual smooch. I'm not so sure she sees it this way, though. (hehehehehe!!!!) She got up, though, brushed herself off and finished! I see many more miles together in the dirt... (37 pics from our run together)
Have a great week, everyone and Happy Trails!

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