Monday, June 8, 2009

M-Cubed for 6/8/2009

Monday Morning Musings for June Eighth, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Oh, how tempting to start typing the post-race report from the Kettle. However, seeing that I am
6hrs from home and writing that report will take a good bit of time, I'll get to working on it later this week. Lots to tell...the good, bad, and the ugly. I went through it all. For now, a quick M-Cubed post and on the road for HOME.

- I slept for 10.5 hours last night...and would've slept longer if my brother hadn't called. He thought I'd be on the road already. I can't remember ever sleeping that long and have to long would I have slept?? I feel much better far. (Ibuprofen is within arm's reach!)

- 25hrs, 39min..and some misc. seconds. I'm thrilled with it! Here's just a few bullet points that I'll mention again in my report.
  • You know that card I made of all the aid stations and it had a picture of Marjie and girls on the reverse? I was chit-chattin' with another runner around Mile 15 (who ended up winning the women's race!), took the card out to "introduce" my family, and about 2 miles later, realized the card was GONE!!! I must have not tucked it inside my race-vest pocket very well and I littered on the trail! (Bad Nick!!) I was pretty upset for a few minutes but hey, I know what they look like!
  • Clif Shot Bloks after several...and I mean several...hours, get downright nasty! The timer on my watch went off every 45min to remind me to take one. I'll admit...I skipped a few. The thought of one made me want to puke...which is a bad thing. But, it was a great trickle flow of electrolytes into my system.
  • Want an overwhelming out-pouring of emotion? Get a glimpse of the bright red finish line banner through the pine trees at Mile 99.9. More to come...
  • There was no better way to last-minute-prepare than to listen to Casting Crown's "Lifesong" en route to the race start as the sun cracked the horizon. Empowering, glorious, beautiful, inspiring.
  • Many are shocked that I ran without a crew (many had a crew who leap-frogged from aid station to aid station provided food, a chair, a hug, etc.) nor a pacer to get me through the night. Honestly...looking didn't hurt me one little bit. I'll explain in my report.
  • I learned a whole new level of mental fortitude over the last 48 hours. With all of my back-to-back training runs and many runs in excess of 30 miles, my "wheels came off" at Mile 15. Yea...can you believe it? That's a bad thing when you know you have 85 miles to go. Again, it'll be in the report.
  • Lastly for now: Mr. Moon joined me as the clouds parted at Mile about 12:45am on Sunday morning. Of course, the critters hiding in the grasses around me could hear: "Good morning, Mr. Moon!"
- To keep from actually never getting out this hotel room and not making it home, I'll stop with the bullet points or I WILL end up writing the report. There is just no end to my thoughts right now!

- As part of recovery, I will absolutely NOT run today. I don't think I could if I tried. My feet took the beating of a lifetime. The ends of my right foot toes are still tingly. I have a feeling that my right big toenail is in jeopardy. :-( There were far more rocks on this course than I ever anticipated...and they were encountered mostly from miles 77 - the night. Tomorrow night (Tuesday), Lori will be coming over to work her expert magic on me...she'd better be gentle!

- That's enough for now. Believe me, there's much more in this noggin of mine that will spill out in the near future. For now...

Full Results (I was 51 of 90 finishers. I am unsure of how many started. 133 were registered and if I had to guess, I'd say 110-120 started...but that's just a guess)

Happy Trails, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Amazing accomplishment Nick - congratulations!!!! Bob

Sensationally Red said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear the detailed report. Did you ever find the picture of your family? I bet someone found it, right? Look forward to hearing every grisly to break it up for the attention deficit among us in Blogger land.

Nick Billock said...

Red: Nope, I never found it. I lost it around the Emma Carlin aid station...mile 15.5. As I came back through (30 miles later), I looked around and also on the trails but never saw it. My wife said to me this morning: "So you lost us on the trails, huh?! Thanks a lot!" Who? ME???

Clara said...

Awesome job Nick! I knew you could do it!!!! Congrats! (and why do you even have to say that you won't be running today? I thought you were going to say that you wouldn't be running for the next 500 days..come on now, rest some.)