Friday, June 5, 2009

KM100 Tracking and Weather

Event Details
Start: 6am CST (7am EST)
Event Cutoff: Noon CST on Sunday, June 7th (30hr time limit)

There are 3 events taking place:
1) 100 Mile and 100K (62.4 mi) start together
2) 38 Mile Fun Run starts at 8pm Saturday night and covers the last 38 miles of the 100 mile course. This will "liven" up the trail at night when the 100 milers really need it.

Live Tracking During Event
I will be wearing an electronic chip on my ankle that will record my time and update the site online at 5 different checkpoints: Start, 31.4 miles, 62.9 miles, 81.5 miles, and the Finish. I do not recommend checking until after noon on Saturday CST as it will take me at least that long to reach the 31.4 mile checkpoint.

Track Me Here. You will see the checkpoints, mileage, time, place, and splits.

Current Weather, Forecast, Local Radar in the Kettle Moraine area
In a nutshell, the forecast is calling for rain and lots of it with thunderstorms likely throughout the day and night. Temperatures will be abnormally cool, though. The key will be to wear the proper clothing and keep from getting chilled too badly as I become more and more dehydrated. Current weather, forecast, and radar are all available below.

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Jerry Williamson said...

Great job Nick on your finish!!! Now, time for some recovery!