Friday, June 5, 2009

"It's a Kettle, not a Tea Pot!!!!"

That's just one part of a lively conversation before I left work on Wednesday. Good 'ol Renee...I know she meant well, but really....the "Tea Pot 100 Mile Endurance Run?????" In all fairness, a kettle will hold water to be boiled just as well as a tea pot. Geez....

My drive in yesterday went off without a hitch except for a white-knuckle drive through Chicago. How can traffic be that nasty at 1:30pm on a Thursday?!? I don't want to know what rush hour looks like. I was also amazed at how much tolls cost me. I was on toll roads all the way from home until after Chicago...racked up $19.05 in tolls. Dang! I made really good time getting to Chicago in less than 6 hours and getting into Whitewater with plenty of time to see a little around town and get a good dinner in town.

Today, I worked on the drop bags, mostly filling baggies with Perpetuem and going through the bag contents yet another time to make sure each one has what it needs. I also replaced all 3 headlamps' batteries with fresh ones and verified they all work. (stupid me...I looked into that powerful one again...saw spots for awhile!) After resting, laying around like a slug, I headed out with the goal of seeing nearly the entire course by car...mostly at road crossing and aid stations. Since the forecast is rain, thunderstorms, and more rain, I thought beautiful, sunny skies were perfect today for some pictures that I won't get tomorrow. The main goal, however, was to follow the course and put the different stops into my head for motivation tomorrow. Picturing where I am helps me break up the course into bits and pieces instead of thinking about the event as a whole. Anytime I think about ONE HUNDRED MILES, I start to think: "What the HECK am I doing this for? Am I nuts?" So, I break it up into little pieces and just focus on getting from point to point.
Thinking about the whole thing is a path to mental destruction. Overall, the course is full of gentle rolls with nothing looking too incredibly steep. That matches well with everything I've heard. It has 12,000 feet of elevation gain through all these rolly hills. It is very much surrounded by lush forest and foliage. Some paths are extremely narrow but overall, the paths look like they're in great condition with the occasional rocks/roots. At my last stop which was the park headquarters, a man approached me after seeing my license plate and introduced himself. Turned out, it was Tim..the KM100 Race Director! Of course, I asked him to pause just one moment for a snapshot. (I wonder where he's storing those little Kettles...) Here are the rest of the photos for your viewing enjoyment.

Alright! That's it for blogging until I post a post-race report! Tonight after dinner, I will post the direct link for race tracking as well as a link for current weather, forecast, and radar. For now, it's time to get out to the La Grange General Store for packet pickup then dinner with some other fellow runners at 6pm in Whitewater.
happy, Happy, HAPPY Trails, everyone!

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