Thursday, June 18, 2009


OK, I'm sorry. That's way too catchy of a subject of a blog post that involves no injury but hey, it's my feeble attempt at humor, alright?! Actually, it's what seems to be "running" around many folks in the running community right now. For me, I couldn't be more thankful for being injury-free after completing all of my 100-mile training and completing my first 100 miler. I have zero issues except for some lingering tingling in my right toes. For others, their upcoming race goals have been sidelined due to injuries and seeing that happen to other folks is always tough for me to see. As passionate as I consider myself, I can't imagine being told "scrap all plans from now until the end of the year." "Oh yea, no running, no exercise, nada." I can't even imagine that. Some of those are due to overuse and abuse of the body and not ever giving it a break. Others are just from bad luck. Fortunately for me, I am always on the alert for anything out of the ordinary. I'm not paranoid, just alert. Call it my peripheral vision on my "injury meter."

Things are going well post-Kettle for me. 10 days after the finish line and I can honestly say that all feels quite well. I did 7 this past Sunday, took Monday off, had a really good "Mr. Moon" run on Tuesday morning on his 7-mile rolling course, then ran in the rain yesterday for 8 miles. Physically, all feels good but my energy "tank" is certainly running low. Even my weight dropped abnormally low earlier this week which was a surprise with the low mileage as of late. My explanation for that is that my body is burning calories rebuilding itself. Logical, you think? All of my eating has been on track as it normally is with nothing out of the ordinary but I don't think my body has quite gotten back its "running mojo" yet...the mojo that can keep the motor tickin' away for hours on end. It looks like it'll take a little longer. Along with "listening to my body," I skipped this morning's run in exchange for an extra hour of shut-eye. I figured after yesterday's lunch-time nap in my car when I rapidly descended into a deep sleep followed by trying to take a disability claim (stumblin', bumblin' idiot is what I sounded like), some extra sleep was in order.

Coming up in the near future, I'm going to slowly work back in the mileage starting Saturday with about 2 hours on the muddy trails followed by 7-8 miles with the VR Training marathon training group. All-in-all, probably get miles in the upper teens. Next week will be another attempt at "normal" and end with a Burning River 100 training run where we'll run from the 70.3 mile point (Happy Days parking lot) and follow the course all the way to the Finish Line at Falls River Square in Cuyahoga Falls...about a 30 mile run. I plan to pay close attention and get a good idea of where I'm at regarding my recovery...especially if it's hot and humid. From there, I'll plan out the final five weeks to Burning River based on how that run goes. This 8 weeks between 100-milers is like one big lab experiment on myself. What to do, when to do it, and how much to do is up for debate and is a constant work-in-motion.

If you're reading this and running or pacing at the Mohican 100 and 50 miler this weekend in central Ohio, best of luck to you and have a blast! One guy I ran with for awhile at the Kettle is doing the Mohican 100....2 weeks post-Kettle....ugh...can't imagine tackling another 100-miler right now.

The rain has fallen and will continue to fall...the mud is waiting...

Happy Trails, everyone!

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