Sunday, May 31, 2009

This week will probably hold more blog posts than ever before...just a warning. I have lots of things swirling through my mind and I believe that those around me (namely my wife) have heard enough so this blog will come in handy this week. By this time next Sunday, I will have finished or will be finishing soon at the Kettle. As I woke up this morning, I had a bit of a reality check and thought: "This time next week, I will have been going since 6am YESTERDAY, ran all day, all night, and perhaps still going...maybe all the way until lunchtime at high noon!" Yikes. That'll create another batch of pre-race jitters real quick.

As you can see on my schedule to the right, today's plan was for an easy 6. I headed out in the 7 o'clock hour on Mr. Moon's rollercoaster route. It was 50F, sunny, low humidity...or in other words, perfect. My goal for all runs lately has been to just take it easy, focus on my stride, watch every step (no injuries!), and enjoy them. Today felt really easy...and slow. Another indicator of a successful taper is when the effort apparently gets easier and less and the average pace per run gets faster. Today was that kind of run. A rolling, challenging run that felt easy turned in an 8:07 average pace. No, that's not super zippy or anything but it felt more like an 8:45 to 9min pace. Good sign. Now, I just need to get this under control so I don't go out too fast on Saturday morning. That would be a terrible mistake. Along the way I saw bounding deer in a nearby field, horses grazing, and 3 adult Canadian geese herding 7 baby geese across the street in front of me. Yea, it was one of those "Mr. Moon" kind of runs...minus "Mr. Moon."

I hope to write a review someday soon, but I watched "Taking Chance" with my family just a few days ago. In my opinion, anyone who calls themself an American should watch this movie. It is non-graphic, non-offensive, non-political, and appropriate for need to shield your kids' eyes from this one.

Watching it and also hearing that we have a National Cemetary here in northern Ohio led me to stop by the Western Reserve National Cemetary yesterday on the way home from our canoeing trip in Loudonville, OH...where the Mohican 100K Mountain Bike race was also going on. If you take the Route 57 exit off of I-76 and go towards Rittman, you'll see the signs for it. It is a beautiful cemetary and we're all glad we stopped by. Here are some pictures I took while there. Most have captions so you know what you're looking at.

I have nearly all of my plans made and lists made for the Kettle. I'll put my aid station breakdown and reminders on a laminated card I will make, about the size of a credit card. On the reverse, I'm going to include a few pictures that I can call upon for motivation. One will be of my girls. The other will be a picture of Clementine. She is from Peru and is the maker of the handmade kettles that await each finisher of the Kettle 100. I think this picture may come in handy at various times along my journey.

For the rest of the week, I'll run 5 tomorrow "easy" before work, get my "super-tight" haircut after work, deep tissue massage by Lori Roosa on Tuesday night, then take my last run of 3 miles on Wednesday. Time is finally cruising by quickly now and I'll be on the road before I know it. Oh yea, I heard from the race organizers at the Kettle and boiled/salted potatoes will be served at the aid stations so I will not be making my own and trying to make them last several days. Great news!

Enjoy the sun and have a great Sunday!

Happy Trails, everyone!

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