Saturday, May 23, 2009

5 to 10

5 to 10 runners. That's what I expected this morning at Lock 29. As part of my taper to the Kettle, I made up an easy trail run just shy of 15 miles and posted it on the VR Message Board a week ago thinking I'd get a few folks out there to share the trail with. Well, it was like deja vu when I pulled in the parking lot. I felt like it was time for the Waterfalls Trail Run that I headed up on the last Saturday of 2008. In that case, we had around 75 runners. Today, 50 runners showed up! With the growing number of new trail runners going to the Thursday night trail runs, some of them showed up today. It was G R E A T to have so many to share the trail with.

I hadn't seen some in quite awhile like Kellie, Chef Bill, Nick V., Melissa T. and others. With my 4am starts over the past few months, I've not had the benefit of running with many who I used to run with week in and week out. It was super cool to see everyone again, instead of just on Facebook!

The route was simple: Buckeye Trail from Pine Lane and then to the Brandywine Falls and then back the way we came. I had so much bottled up energy this morning and wanted to run much, much further than 15 miles but I remained strict to my schedule and did the 15. I took my camera along and grabbed a few pictures, too. Here is what it looks like when 5 others are trying to dodge the camera and not get shot. Nice try, guys! It almost looks like they're in synchronized swimming or something.

I was doing all kinds of silly things like running up the embankments along some of the trail just to liven up the run. After a little goofing off, though, I thought about how dumb that was. Two weeks from my target event and NOW I'm going to goof off on the trails?! A sprained ankle, hard fall, or some other type of injury is the last thing I need right now. Each passing day is one less day to recover from something like that...and 14 days isn't a long time.

After the run, a few of us hit up Fisher's for breakfast in Peninsula. I'm getting a bit ticked off at them. My favorite breakfast, the Vegetable Scramble just keeps getting smaller and smaller. I said something about it today and it got smaller yet! Not only that, the pieces of toast were super tiny. I entered hungry....I left hungry. It was good, but an increase in price along with a decrease in size just doesn't make a whole lot of logical sense, now does it?!

Afterwards, I went up to Vertical Runner and lurked around for awhile. Mizuno was there with a trailer set up for testing runners foot type. It was pretty cool, actually. Turns out, I have a very low arch and don't pronate...thus a neutral runner in need of a cushioned (vs. stability) running shoe. No new news here! That's what I've been running in for years. I did like the ride of the Mizuzo Wave Rider...perhaps I'll try that out when it's time to shop for shoes again. I got a cool orange Mizuno tech tee for participating. (Marjie will be so happy...another tech tee laying on the dryer in the laundry room...where ALL my gear is stashed) Oh yea, the guy said I'm bow-legged, too. Again, thanks for bringing that up and again, no new news to me!! :-) Also while at the store, I came ever so close to buying a pair of the Vibram Five-Fingers "shoes." I tried on so many pairs but in the end, I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on things I'm not so sure I'd wear enough to justify having them. They really do feel like walking barefoot. For nearly the same cost, I could buy another pair of Keen's...much better use of my $$$$$. In the end, I walked out with some Clif Shot Bloks for the Kettle and another canister of Hammer's Heed electrolyte. I also took a picture of the new sign at the store. On the storefront which is painted to match the current logo, the new letters just went up. They are wooden and raised up off the surface of the storefront and are "soft" and curved. Very well done and very sharp looking. That store is such an upgrade over the previous store a few doors down. Once again, I miss helping out around there and selling their product!

Last week, I did 71.2 miles. This week, I cut it in half with 35 miles...and that wasn't easy! This next week will be even harder. Luckily, Memorial Day is on Monday, I'm off on Friday, and Saturday is a family canoeing trip down south of here. Time should go by quicker this week. I did make one change to my schedule: I'm going to squeeze in one last trail run on Friday. Vince and I are running at the Gorge Metro Park at 8am this Friday for 60-75 minutes. Anyone is welcome to join us. After that, it'll be just "midget-miles" for the final week to the Kettle. Many have asked if I think I'm ready. My reply?: "Yes."

Happy Trails, everyone!

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