Monday, May 11, 2009

M-Cubed for 5/11/2009

Monday Morning Musings for May Eleventh, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Congratulations to those who completed the Ice Age 50 Miler up in the Kettle Moraine National Forest on Saturday. I’m particularly interested in hearing about their experiences since that event was held on the same trail that the Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Endurance Run will be held on in a short 26 days. Vince, Brandon, Suzanne, Tanya…great job to you all! I talked to Vince who summed up the terrain in the Kettle Moraine National Forest. He confirmed all that I've heard on the discussion boards, had a great stay at the hotel I recommended and will also be using, and spoke optimistically on my behalf for my experience up there. I can't wait!

- Sometimes, stepping away from what is considered “normal” and “routine” can help ground you and help you appreciate what you have. Being away for a very short time did that this past week. I’ve been in such a “training mode” lately with much structure and routine that this “curve ball” really made me appreciate the “normal” and “routine.”

- It was good to see over 600 fellow Navy Supply Corps officers all in one place this past weekend. It is rare to get us all in one place together. We had speakers whom I’d all heard of but never seen in person. Every speaker was a high ranking flag officer in the admiral ranks. For you military types out there, I’m talking O-7 to O-9 and for you non-military types, these are the folks making the big decisions and answering to people like the Chief of Naval Operations who answers to President Obama. It was pretty awesome to hear from so many of them and they’re understanding/explanation of Supply Corps’ role in the Global War on Terror. As they say, we’re high demand, low density with regards to the two wars going on. My ticket will get “punched” to armor up in 2010.…..

- After a few days in the melting pot called “Orlando,” I think the next family vacation needs to be away from all the materialism, commercialism, and rush-rush-rush found there and in similar cities. I envision something besides the water…lakeside…oceanside…lots of trees…peaceful…(and perhaps some trails nearby where I don’t have to worry about live chickens being sold!)

- I heard that the new trail runs on Thursday nights are a hit with 15 runners who showed up last Thursday. If you haven’t heard about them, watch the VR Discussion Board and/or join the Facebook group to stay in the loop. Easy miles on the trails followed by some social time at a local watering hole is what’s in store. I hope to make it out to one of them soon.

- If I practice what I preach, then I know that fitness cannot be lost in one week. However, I will admit once again that it’s hard to believe it when you have such a cruddy running week. Even though I had one of my best weekends ever a week ago with my 30mile/30mile back-to-back, this last down week makes me feel totally out of whack. This week’s goal will be to get right back into it and make this week count. This weekend will mark 3 weeks out from the Kettle 100 and will also mark the beginning of my taper…after some long miles on Friday/Saturday. I can’t decide what to do yet but will firm up some plans soon. I’d like to include many hours on the trails and many of those in the dark. On Sunday, I’ll be in Cleveland rooting on my wife who will be walking the ½ marathon and rooting on every VR tech tee I see on the course. FYI: the Kettle’s registration is moving faster than ever before and they may have to invoke the race limit for the first time ever. The more the merrier! As of this morning, exactly 100 have registered.

- Speaking of registration numbers, 101 are signed up for Burning River now. There was a 3-4 month span there lately where BR100 was a "maybe" for me even though I've been registered since late last year. Well, that "maybe" has been erased and I'm definitely onboard for Burning River exactly 2 months after the Kettle. Burning River and I have a score to settle after last year's "experience." Revenge will be mine!

- Finally! I had a really good 10.2 mile run this morning around Rock Hill, SC. Rock Hill is just south of Charlotte, NC along I-77. So nice to be OUT of Orlando and back up north again. The fragrance of spring was so overpowering this morning it was like someone dropped one of the Bath and Body Works stores over my head for the run. Lots of different flowers and trees blooming down here. Rock Hill reminds me of what Colorado Springs was like when we lived there in 2001-2002 with the booming developments and strip plazas. This area being so close to Charlotte seems to still be in its growth phase even though the nation as a whole has pulled back. Overall, a really nice area and dare I say, a bit "blissful" to run in. I did find this one newly constructed park and stopped to snap a pic. My camera did survive today even though I was rained on for 7 much for that 10% chance of rain I read immediately before heading out at 5am. The best part? I don't even feel like I ran today...and would've loved to run for hours more if more pressing things didn't need driving another 8 hours today to Ohio.

- About 1/2 mile from the hotel this morning, my eye catches this little guy (see below) alongside the road...dead. But, even though his diameter isn't any bigger than that of a #2 pencil and he's no more than 8-10" long...and he's DEAD, he still made my heart skip a beat. I H A T E snakes!!! Then, not even 1/4 mile later, I find a completely flattened snake in the road, but clearly a good inch or more in diameter when he was alive and a few feet long. OK, this snake was most certainly dead but still, it freaked me out. Thank goodness no slithering reptiles crossed my asphalt path this morning!
Have a great week, everyone and Happy Trails!

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