Sunday, April 27, 2008

T-6 Days till the Green Jewel 100K

It's been a quiet week in the world so there's not much to share for today's blog. I took it easy for Saturday's morning run and did the winter Buckeye Trail 50K course starting at Lock 29, up the brick road to Pine Lane, all the way to Brandywine Falls, then took the Towpath back to Lock 29. This exact route was 12.2 miles so I ran a few extra minutes to get in an even 13. (I don't like those decimal points in my log!) Due to some "garbage" eating last week, I felt pretty cruddy even though this run should have been refreshing. It's amazing how a few days of authentic Mexican food and my parents' homemade ice cream shop (in Rootstown) can ruin a Saturday morning run. Anyway, the trails are in great shape right now due to a long stretch with no significant rain.

Here's my plan for this week: I'm treating the last 6 days just like a typical marathon taper. My personal rule is to not run any more miles in a given day greater than the number of days before the marathon (or 100K in this case) the last week. So I'll probably run 5 tomorrow and 2 other days in the week I'll get in a few miles. Nutrition wise, I'll start carbo-loading Wednesday night, more on Thursday, and hit the carbs hard on Friday. I'll decrease fiber intake in the last 48 hours and greatly increase salt intake at the same time. Salt helps water retention which I'll need badly this Saturday. Hopefully, I'll pack on a few extra pounds before Saturday.

For Saturday, the event starts at 5am sharp and aid stations will be staggered every 5 miles or so with every other one being manned with water/Heed/food. For me, I'm planning on carrying a Nathan #020 race vest with a water bladder on my back and one or two (I haven't decided yet) handhelds for my electrolyte (Hammer's Heed). I'll also take Pure Fuel all throughout the day...more if it's offered at the aid stations. I'm counting on Greg D. as a running partner for the day. The furthest distance he's covered is 50 miles and the furthest I've gone is 31.2 miles (ie: 50K). So yea, it's a heck of a challenge but we're both really excited to get it on! I just want to thank Vince and Joe (Green Jewel co-race directors) for putting on this event!

I'm planning on taking the camera for the 100K trek so you can bet I'll post some pics and blog the experience soon afterwards. Have a great week!

Green Jewel 100K Website


Kim said...

Good luck and have fun. Remember to eat. Eat early and often. I'm sure you really didn't eat in the 50K, but you will need to take in some calories on this adventure.
If it's hot, drink early and often.
A fav ultra saying (I'm sure you've heard) is "eat eat eat! drink drink drink! pee pee pee!"

I'd drive up for the run except I would like to sleep in Sat and run about 50K on Sunday here at home myself.

Nick Billock said...

Thanks, Kim! Yea, the only eating I did at the 50K was ShotBloks, Pure Fuel, and a few nuts at the aid stations. I'm debating whether I need to wear the water on my back or not....not sure. I could carry 2 handhelds instead...a 20oz and a 22oz. It's a good way to carry fuel and the phone since I don't wear a waist pack...they ride all the way up to my sternum!