Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rest in Peace: Bailey Billock 1995-2008

I know I haven't posted my Green Jewel review, yet...but it's coming. Today was a very somber day. My American Cocker Spaniel, Bailey, has been getting more sick and has been having a lot of bleeding over the past 3 or so weeks. There have also been other issues over the past year or so as he has digressed. We spoke to several folks "in the know" and also our vet and decided to have him put to sleep. Bailey was born on October 12, 1995 and was an absolute joy to have as part of our family for nearly all of our marriage to date. He was part of a purebred litter in Virginia Beach and he was one of gentlest dogs you'd ever know. He traveled with us from Virginia Beach, to Colorado, and then home to Ohio and was always a trooper.

Even though I knew this day was coming soon, it made it no easier. I snapped this picture just before we left for the vet today as a way to remember him. I held his head in my hands and kept rubbing his ears (which was always his favorite treatment) as he went to sleep. It was quick and he gently laid down on the table. We brought him home right after that to put him to rest. Rest assured, every tear was spilled today as I said goodbye to him. I always considered him part of the family for the past 13 years. I miss you, "son"!
Bailey Billock
October 12, 1995 to May 8, 2008


Kim said...

Ohh! Bailey had a very very good life. He was lucky to have your family and you were blessed to have such a fine pup for so many years!

Brian said...

Sorry to hear.. Sounds like he lived a very long and happy life with you guys though!

Nick Billock said...

Thanks, Kim & Brian. He did live a good life and we loved raising him. It's weird now, though. We come home and expect him just inside the door waiting to say "Hi!" or waking me up at 1am to go outside. He is certainly missed and won't be forgotten!

Thanks again,