Thursday, May 15, 2008

Green Jewel 100K in Pictures

Thanks to Greg for getting me the pics from the Green Jewel 100K a few weeks ago. Even more, thanks to Missy for being a real big supporter that day and being at every single stop (plus an additional one at mile 58) lending her smiles and encouragement....and of course, snapping all of these pictures.

Before I get to the pics, I have to mention an article I read today in "Marathon & Beyond." If you don't get this, I'm not sure where to send you since I don't think it's sold anywhere locally. M&B isn't your typical "magazine" and you'd mistake it for a book at first glance as it is normally about 1/2" thick and the size of an average book...and published 6 times per year. Much more "editorial" style and less one-page articles. Many of our running-writing greats (ie: Joe Henderson, Hal Higdon, Don Kardong, etc.) write monthly. They also do an in-depth review of a marathon once per issue...they recently covered the Akron Marathon. Anyway, if you ever want to subscribe, visit them via the website (link near bottom of main page) and that's the cheapest subscription price available...I believe it's $32.95/year. I highly recommend this magazine. I believe it is an often-overlooked publication for those passionate about our sport.

Anyway, the article is by Dr. Jason Karp and it goes over "Training to Combat Marathon Fatigue." Really great information from a scientific/real world perspective. If you are the type who loves higher and higher weekly mileage (which I'm creeping into!), this article will JUSTIFY it! The article is not published online so I can't link you to it but you can read the intro to it at

Now for the pictures. I've done my best to put them in sequential order with the aid stations. Thanks again to to Greg and Missy! The pics are small so they load fast on your screen but you can click on any photo to view it full-screen. (full review of the event in an earlier blog down below the pics)

Rocky River, OH @ the Marina near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River (aka: the Burning River): May 3, 2008, 5:08am START
Greg Dykes (aka: my running partner for the day) at the start

Approaching the 15 mile Wallace Lake Aid Station: 7:30am

Wallace Lake Aid Station photo shoot

50K (31.2 miles) Halfway Point, Oak Grove, 10:30am

Mile 42, Egbert Picnic Area Aid Station, 1pm

Mile 49, Harper Road Aid Station, 2:40pm

Mile 53, Polo Field Aid Station, 3:45pm
Joe Jurczyk (on right), co-race director, took care of one of these 3 rolling aid stations out of the back of his SUV...water, Heed, pretzels, PB&J...thanks, Joe! (Vince & Suzanne, too!)

Steps before the hill before arriving at the Finish Line

Nick & Greg...finishing together in 13 hours, 9min
100K (62.4 miles)

Heck ya, we're smilin'!!! We'd been running since 5am...and now it's dinner time!

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