Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Celebrating 35 Years!

With a new job beginning only a few days ago with the government, I nearly forgot what today 35th birthday. SO, at about 4:30am this morning, I planned a great day with a great forecast in store. Since Vince wakes up early, I sent him a text to set up a trail run at 4:30pm at Happy Days...done. I just needed to get to work by 7 in order to leave on time. Thanks to my parents for their annual "Happy Birthday" song they sing each year...that started my day at the office. 3:45pm rung in and on the road to Happy Days from Canton I headed.

We knocked out the Ledges and Pine Grove Trails plus a few out-n-backs to get the time in...kept a pretty swift pace since it was just us. 6 miles cranked out and it felt strange to actually sweat again! 68F and sunny! Vince and Chef Bill were kind enough to let me sample the soon-to-be-released post-run protein Pure Fuel bar. I won't reveal a very key ingredient but I will say....two enthusiastic THUMBS UP! Loved it!

Now off to Vertical Runner to actually replenish my stock of Pure Fuel for the long run this Saturday and pick up a few other odds and ends. Mel is NOT camera shy so here we are at the store in Hudson.

Warm day...sun shining...birthday...time for some 'Bucks! Grande, White Mocha Frappuccino Light, no whip....AWESOME!

The clock was ticking by fast so I had to get home quick to help my daughter practice riding her bike. I got home, opened the card from my girls and WHAM!.....a Starbucks gift card! Yea! Anyway, back to the bike. The training wheel were not off yet so once off, we had "Riding a Bike 101" before we started making our rounds around the cul-de-sac. A little bit more practice and I'm sure she'll be cruising up and down the street soon enough. I did let go a few times and she did great!

What better way to end the day...a view from our front porch at sunset...

Oh yea, I had to come back and add this. I forgot to mention my latest addition to the schedule. The inaugural Green Jewel 100K...starting at 5am, Saturday May 3rd. 100K equals approximately 62 miles. Greg D. and I will be providing each other the support we both need to push through to the finish. The course will follow the "Emerald Necklace" and will showcase the Cleveland Metroparks.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Nick! It sounds like you had a great (and very busy!!) birthday evening!

Kim said...

Oh, and BTW I believe we found your sushi bar in N. Canton-where Gander Mtn is located? Had some great sushi this afternoon there!

Nick Billock said...

Thanks for the Happy B-Day, Kim.

Yea, it sounds like you found the sushi bar...should've been $19.95 all-u-can-eat. Pretty awesome place!

Brian said...

Nick, happy birthday and nice sunset photo!

Nick Billock said...

Thanks, Brian!