Thursday, April 10, 2008

A "Recovery" 15 mile, 2.5 hr Trail Run

It's a gorgeous day here in northeast Ohio...temps in the 50s and sun. This week has been slow-going as I've been lickin' my wounds from Sunday's marathon. I ran 4.8 on Monday...SUPER slow...really just to warm up the legs and release some of that built up lactic acid. I took off Tuesday and got my recovery deep tissue massage from Lori Roosa, LMT yesterday morning. OK, here's my chance to plug Lori for the awesome job she's done for me. Lori started working on me over a year ago and saw me through all 7 marathons in 2007 and my first ultra. During that time, she really helped me stay injury-free and strong. So, I got the massage and yea, it hurt....a necessary hurt, though! While at Vertical Runner afterwards, we planned a trail run for today assuming I'd be back in shape 24 hrs later. Now, I'm singing the praises for Lori...we ended up knocking out 15 miles on the trails in about 2 1/2 hours and I felt awesome. Lori Roosa's contact number is 330-204-6463....I give her my highest recommendation!

Now to the run: it was Vince, Mel, Joe J., and myself at 6:45 this morning at Lock 29. We headed north on the Towpath and cut over to the Oak Hill trail. From there, we covered a variety of trails like the Plateau, Riding Run, Rim, and Perkins trails. Elevation at the start was 700ft above sea level and topped out at 1100 feet and extremely varied in between. Joe turned back early to head to work and Mel turned back at the Covered Bridge on Everett Rd.
Oh yea, why not some more shameless plugs? Fuel was Pure Fuel, Hammer's Heed served as the electrolyte, and Hammer's Recoverite (along with another Pure Fuel bar) served as recovery. I tried the new Dark Chocolate bar...great if you're a chocolate lover!
Happy Trails! Get out there!

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