Friday, March 14, 2008

Running Green for 23

This weekend is my March drill weekend with the Navy so thanks to the planets aligning just right today, I got in a great long run. First, the numbers: temp. was 36F at the start and 42F at the finish with 5-10 mph winds, light rain the entire time, and lots of puddles! 23 miles, 2hr 56min, 7:39 avg. pace, and a whopping 3497 calories burned! I even weighed 6 lbs less when I got home...all water loss, of course. My goal was to average between 7:30 and 7:45 per mile so I'm happy!

I have a course that I run from my home in Rootstown that takes me all the way to Kent to the Pufferbelly Restaurant. I call it my "Pufferbelly Loop." It's either a 22 or 23 mile loop depending on a few variations. By the way, there is a dish at the Pufferbelly that I haven't seen replicated anywhere else. It's called "Veggie Aglio." It's fettuccini noodles (sorry, wheat not available!), veggies (whole artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, onions, sun-dried tomatoes), and cooked in an olive oil/white wine sauce. Absolutely AWESOME! Cheap, too...only $9.75. Anyway, I'll sum up the exact loop at the end of this blog if you want to read the turn-by-turn. My goal today was to replicate the marathon starting a few days back. Nutrition, carbs, hydration, etc. were all done as if a marathon were today. Clif's Shot Bloks were the nutrition of choice (sorry, Bill...PureFuel is too big to fit in that little pocket on the rear of my shorts!) and Heed fueled the first 10 miles followed by Gatorade (picked up at the Kent Sheetz). I also put my first miles on my new Brook's Glycerins. The Glycerin 6 was greatly re-engineered and since I was so happy with the Radius, I thought I'd try it out. They were great but I did get a tiny blister starting on the bottom of my left foot. Could've been the soaked feet today as I was sprayed MANY times by passing cars. I was covered in grit by the time I got home...nasty!

Hey, any of you recognize the new green Vertical Runner tech tee? It's all part of bringing more awareness of "going green" in everything we do. The back of the shirt is shown below. It's a Brooks shirt and did very well in the soaking conditions. There are a limited supply at VR so get one quick! Kinda cool that my Glycerins have green on them, too....not that I "match" my running clothes or anything! It goes with the season, too. St. Patty's Day is around the corner and this Sunday is the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach...that's where we used to live. I've ran that twice and the last time was the day my wife went into labor with our first child! I was carrying a phone and she called around mile 15 and said it was time....then said she was kidding...ARGH!!!! Later on while I was slumbering on the couch, it actually WAS time and we spent the night in the hospital until our first daughter was born the next morning shortly after 6am. Dang, time flies! That was 7 years ago!

For those of you interested in the route, here it is: leave home in Rootstown > Route 44 north to Summit St., left on Summit St. > pass the KSU Field House (home of Tuesday night speedwork) and Dix Stadium, cross over Rt. 261 > right on Horning Rd. > right on Rhodes Rd. > left on Rt. 59 > stop at Sheetz for Gatorade (10 miles) > continue on 59 to Franklin (Pufferbelly and the halfway point) > left on Franklin > left on Rt. 261 > right on Rt. 43 > left on Sherman Rd. > left on Lynn Rd. > right on Rootstown Rd. > right on Tallmadge Rd. > left on Kline Rd. > left on Bower Rd. > left on Rt. 44 > HOME! 23 miles roundtrip!

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