Monday, March 31, 2008

60F and MUD!

I'd say that Spring officially arrived with the Cleveland Indians Opening Day (yea, we beat the Sox 10-8) and the mercury hitting 60F. So, when a text showed up on my phone inviting me to a 5:30pm trail MUD run, there was no doubt how to spend the evening. We (Vince, Greg D., me) met at Happy Days and headed around the Ledges Trail, to Pine Grove, then off the trail where we got lost for a bit (just like I predicted we would!), then back to finish Pine Grove and back to Happy Days via the other half of the Ledges. Mud is widely available for anyone looking for some. With all the rain and snow of late, the trails are a good workout right now. With that said, why not give the new trail shoes a try? I just picked up my first pair of Merrell's new Overdrive 2. Merrell now offers a neutral trailrunner (the Overdrive 2) and a stability shoe (the Cruise Control). You see those "laces" on there? Those are coming off before next time. I had to stop 4 times to re-tighten them. They're strong and a minimalist approach to laces but they simply don't stay put with all the stress put on the shoe while on trails. Laces next time! We wrapped up just shy of 8 miles. I was thinking on the way home that even though the winters can be rough up here in Ohio, I do feel fortunate to see the 4 seasons and how the trails change throughout all of them. Soon, the trails will be poppin' with green foliage, plants, flowers, and a canopy will be created everywhere to run under....lookin' forward to it!

OK, time for some marathon humor. If you've run a marathon, you know how those stairs can be later the same day of a marathon and even worse the next day. Check out this video:

Happy Trails!

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