Sunday, March 9, 2008

An "Endorphin-Packed" blog entry...BEWARE!

With a reservoir full of "running endorphins" due to no running yesterday, what spills out here today is post-run endorphin-rich! (here is a really good article on endorphins and the 'runner's high' so commonly referred to...worth your time to click and read)

I have to admit...I felt like my 'running world' came crashing down yesterday morning as our blizzard hit northeast Ohio. I can't remember the last Saturday that I didn't run. Ironically, I woke up sore this morning...not from running, but from shoveling. My left shoulder and down my left side hurt...and still hurts. BUT, the sun was shining bright, the roads were plowed, the snow stopped by 10pm last night, and most people were just getting out of bed...especially with the time change last night. G R E A T run...16 miles, 2hrs 10min, 8:08 pace, 2448 calories gone! (Fueled by Heed and Pure Fuel...recovery by Recoverite)

There have been lots of questions I've been asked lately regarding healthy eating, weight loss, and what worked for me (maybe I should just write a book!). I won't repeat it here but instead, please reference my January 1, 2008 post. It's all right there.

A Saturday indoors (except for shoveling the snow) forced me to once again take an inventory of those things I truly value. My particular list is not all-inclusive....may I suggest you take a moment and make your own? Writing it down helps....well, re-focus you on what's important.

My personal inventory:
  • - my wife and kids (undoubtedly, without them...well, life would not be OK!)
  • - my extended family (parents, in-laws, brothers (and their families))
  • - my personal freedom to live where I want, run where I want, and say what I want (ie: THIS BLOG!)...paid for by those who have served before me
  • - my running friends (you know who you are!)
  • - the local northeast Ohio running community (not as common as you may think!)
  • - Cuyahoga Valley National Park (a crown jewel right in our backyard)
  • - Health and continued health now and for years to come

Off the topic: Food....I watched this documentary this week called "The Future of Food." If you subscribe to NetFlix, you can watch it online for free (as I did). It is jaw-dropping and will amaze you at how agriculture in this country (specifically corn and soybeans) has been transformed by big-money corporations and the government. No, this is not a political left or right documentary, but more of a history lesson of what's happened (especially to the farmers), what is happening, and what is to come. Near the end, I heard an argument for organic foods better than anything I had heard before. If you care about what you eat, where it comes from, and who your dollars are impacting, make it a priority to watch this. Find it at NetFlix or read about it at The Future of Food website.

Spring....I am waiting for you!!!!

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