Monday, September 7, 2015

M-Cubed for 9.7.2015

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for September Seventh, Two-Thousand Fifteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Labor Day. Unofficial last day of summer. With the heat index, dew point, etc., it'll be 93-95F this afternoon. Day off...CrossFit workout first then a pool cookout with friends. Enjoy your day!

- I've mentioned the Mashable podcast recently and this last Thursday they were pouring over the new logos by Google and Verizon and how much goes into it...and why. I'm not a Verizon customer and honestly, don't really get the point of dumbing it down this much. For Google...well, more of the same, there. They got rid of their iconic lower case "g" and went to this extreme basic in-house made font, too. Anyway...interesting to marketing minds like mine!

- Last Monday, I eluded to a possible announcement coming regarding my promotion to the next rank. Well, it came out mid-week! Super happy to be on the "select" list but will still have to wait until next summer to "pin" it on. That's ok, though. Just being a "select" and knowing the next rank is coming is plenty for me. It really sets my mind on a more stable course for the future and where I see my career going.

- Ready for the big Apple event on Wednesday??? We all know the updated iPhone will be released but many believe there is much more BIGGER news like possibly an AppleTV and perhaps even a large iPad Pro. All rumors, of course, but like others, I'm looking forward to the announcements on Wednesday. I'm not in the market for anything, either...just love the way they bring things to market and often, create a whole new segment of product that never existed before.

- I'm no fan of shopping for appliances but the day came to shop for both a fridge and electric range. In my mental strategy planning mind, we headed south to Canton where we could hit up Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe's and HH Gregg in succession so we could see prices, models, etc. back-to-back within a few hours and make a decision...and maybe even hit up the grand opening of a craft brewery in the process. So Saturday afternoon, we did just that and ended up finding what we wanted at Best Buy. They were our 2nd visit but hands down, they had the best prices and selection, best service and without a doubt, were the most educated on the products. Afterwards, we headed west a bit into Jackson where the Royal Docks Brewing Company tapped their first keg at 5pm. It was crazy there as Rusted Root was about to have a concert in the parking lot so we didn't stay long but we'll definitely return when it calms down a bit there. Great first impression!

- It's Labor Day weekend so it's Cleveland Air Show weekend! The Navy's Blue Angels aren't in town this year as it's an Air Force Thunderbirds year but a TAC DEMO squadron is in town from VFA-106 in Virginia Beach. I had the opportunity to take many of my future aviation candidates up there for a Q&A with a pilot and walk-around a Super Hornet F/A-18F strike fighter. Awesome experience for my candidates! Also for you Blue Angel fans, they are confirmed for 2016!

- Star Wars fan? Have an Instagram account? Follow "StarWars" on there??? If not, DO IT! That is all. (December is coming...)

- After church yesterday, I was talking with a friend about Reese's Eggs and how the combination of peanut butter and Reese's chocolate is all so perfect and how the large eggs just aren't the same. Soon after that conversation, we stopped by the grocery store for a few items and lo and behold, 'tis the season! Pumpkins, Christmas trees, then the eggs...the BEST treat on Planet Earth!

- This past week, I had the true honor of pinning my 7th veteran as part of the volunteer veteran-to-veteran program I am a part of that serves those veterans on hospice care (terminal within 6 months). This last one was finally with a sailor. He served in World War II. Here is my post that I wrote just after I left his home: "I did my 7th veteran pinning today as part of Summa at Home's hospice volunteer program and I finally had the honor of pinning a sailor. I promised him I would tell others of his heroism so here it is...minus personal details for privacy: He was there off Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day on a Navy minesweeper in the engine room when it was hit by a German magnetic mine. As it sunk and his leg and chest bled, he escaped and rescued a fellow sailor while climbing aboard a nearby PT boat. His ship sunk and 29 sailors died...nearly 1/3 of the small ship's crew. He then served briefly in Japan before living a very full life outside of the military. I shook his hand more than the others...didn't want to leave, really. I just didn't have the adequate words to express "thank you" enough. Such an honor...such an honor." Above is a photo of his ship.

- Month #4 at CrossFit 881! Things are going really well there and it's amazing what actual coaching can do. While I burnt all kinds of fat and got fitter from November 2014 thru May 2015 at the old location, getting actual one-on-one coaching has been so much better. It's also been a blast to be a part of a brand new community and met new friends. This past week was definitely tough and I really enjoyed the past two days of rest but will be back at it this morning to kick off Labor Day with some work! If I had any "victories" this week it would've had to be a few different things. First off, I did my first ring dip. Just one...but I did it! One of these days, I'll do several...more baby steps towards the holy grail of CrossFit...the muscle up. Also, I got sucked into the longest workout I've ever done at CrossFit that took me 1hr, 6min, 15sec. On Thursday, I did this: 20 rounds of: 3 dead lifts, 3 push presses, 6 burpees, 9 wall balls. It was a sweat bath and not only physical, but mental as well. I was still getting chills a few hours later as my body continued to try and figure out what the heck happened! Crazy. Yea, I pay for this stuff and keep going back for more!

- I'm going to skip the inspirational quote this week and just share this Star Wars-themed meme. Yea, it pretty much sums up how I feel every morning after I brew my stovetop espresso. Mmmmmm..... Have a great week, everyone!

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