Monday, March 16, 2015

M-Cubed for 3.16.2015

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for March Sixteenth, Two-Thousand Fifteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Forecast of 66F today. Let me say that again: FORECAST OF 66F TODAY!!! Welcome, Spring!

- It was a tough last week during my 1hr at the CrossFit box each morning, but I did make the very best of it. Back on Tuesday, we did a Hero WOD named "Danny." Hero workouts are named after fallen servicemembers, law enforcement or firemen. Daniel "Danny" Sakai was a SWAT officer who died in the line of duty in 2009. Believe it or not, in my 19 weeks of CrossFit, not one single Hero WOD had been programmed in. We'd done some of the benchmark workouts that have names but not actual Hero WODs. Also in those 19 weeks, I had not done a workout "Rx" which means doing it precisely as prescribed with the set weight and movements without scaling it down. For Danny, the workout consisted of: 20min with as many reps as possible of: 30 box jumps at 24" (I could do that), 20 push-presses at 115lbs and 30 pull-ups. Well, I could push press 115lbs, but could I do it that many times and over again in those 20min. 20 minutes is a long WOD, too. As for those pull-ups, I had never done a WOD with pull-ups without using a band to assist. I had been practicing, though. I looked at the board and inside thought: "If I'm ever going to do it Rx, today is the day for a Hero WOD. I walked outside to get a cell signal so I could read about "Danny" and his story because for me, I wanted to honor his's the whole point of the Hero WOD. When I came back in and it was time for the workout, I loaded my bar but did so where I could pull some weight off if need be and I staged a band for pull-ups in case I couldn't do them. Was I in over my head? Perhaps. I wanted to try, though, and take myself to that darker mental place and emerge victorious. As the workout counted down to start, no mention was made about "Danny" or his sacrifice but in my mind, I reminded myself who this was for...and for me. I began and after finishing the box jumps and beginning the push presses, I heard my coach say "that's pretty heavy" as he walked by. "Yea, I know" is what I thought but kept working. I finished all 20 and did break them up in order to not lose my form and get hurt. I moved on over to the pull-up bar and started 30...unassisted pull-ups. I never did more than 3 at a time but I DID THEM ALL UNASSISTED. Chin breaking the horizontal plane 30 times. 1 round down but it was taking me much longer than the others. I quickly got back to my box and began round 2 and got through 30 more box jumps without a problem but I knew after those pull-ups and first 20 presses, that second round of push-presses was going to be not-so-pretty. I got working and got through another set of 20. However, I mixed up the "how" of how I got it locked out overhead, split-jerking it a few times to do it...totally authorized. With the 20min ticking down fast, I moved to the pull-up bar and got 4 more in before time was called. I finished with a score of 1 round plus 54 reps (1+54). Most in the class scored 3 or 4 rounds complete so of course, I was last...but I DID it Rx and did my first ever WOD with unassisted pull-ups!!! YEA! I headed on over to tell my coach and in went the proverbial needle into the balloon when instead of "good job on Rx, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and unassisted pull-ups!" I got "It's not about going Rx. Look how much work you missed out on." The best thing I could do was walk away because no good would come out of what was stewing in my mind. "I just busted my butt over there and didn't give up. I broke through a barrier! I did something I had never done! I did "Danny" honorably!" Anyway, so began a day and night full of frustration, anger, and talking to others about the workout. Looking back 6 days later as I close out Week 19 today, I regret nothing and would change nothing. To have scaled "Danny" while comparing myself to the rest of the class would've been the wrong and cowardly move. I didn't do it to compare myself. I did it for ME and to honor the Hero...just how I'm going to do the ultimate Hero WOD "Murph" on Memorial Day. "Murph" is a 1mi run then 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and then ends with a 1mi run. LT Michael Murphy was a Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life for his fellow SEALs and for my country. He WILL be honored this Memorial Day. For last Tuesday, though, it was for Danny and I regret nothing.

- Are you winded yet? Sorry...but that last bullet has been brewing for days now and was intended for a "CrossFit-only" post but never happened. The rest of the week was pretty good and I set a new sumo deadlift PR on Friday at 265 pounds then ran home 12 miles after the chipper workout that I LOVED. It was a cool-crisp morning but I was blessed with running east the whole way and watching the sun rise from First Light through sunrise. Here is the photo I captured along the way...can't get that in the box, now can I?! It felt awesome to put some distance on my legs again and I felt great, even after the workout.

- We watched another episode yesterday in the "Wounded" series on NetFlix, episode #4 and called "Jason." Jason served for only a year in the Army and is now 100% disabled. He was immediately sent to Iraq back in 2006 and was hit by an IED. At the time of his injury and stay at Walter Reed Medical Center, he was the most severely injured/disabled in the state of Maryland and his parents could've left him with the VA...forever. Instead, they brought him and are his caregivers. Two years into his recovery, the VA cut him off from physical therapy and his recovery. He lost his left leg, severely injured his right leg and both arms, suffered TBI and our country has abandoned him. It just stuns me when I see a real-life current story like this. By the end of the short 20-25min episode, they ended up on Capitol Hill with a congressman telling the story and advocating for change, while he shells out his and his parent's money for therapy and other services. What exactly does "Never Forget" mean to people in our country and who make our laws/policies?

- Thanks to my long writing up above, I am running short of time now so this will be coming to an abrupt end here. Looking forward, I'm 26 days days from needing to hop in the car and head to Virginia for a 50 miler. Do I have recent long LONG runs in for this? No. Will I be relying heavily on muscle memory and my new-found fitness in CrossFit? Heck, yes. In the meantime, I'm going to get some more runs in and hopefully at least one 4-5 hour trail run in our national park. After Friday's 12, I got in another 9.1 yesterday that began as a goal for 5 or 6. It was a run more mentally needed than anything else. While I run less these days, there are non-physical benefits to running that CrossFit can't and won't ever provide and for those benefits, I hope to never stop running. Before I leave you today, I'd like to share just this one quote from one of our great former presidents. It fits me perfectly and how I live my life.

Have a great week, everyone! For me, it's time to do the CrossFit Games Open 15.3 workout this morning...pray for me! :)

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