Friday, February 6, 2015

F.A.T. for 2.6.2015

F.A.T. (Friday Afternoon Thoughts) for February Sixth, Two-Thousand Fifteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Friday afternoon.

- Ok,'s a stretch, I admit it! I just haven't had the writing genes in me this week and haven't written lately so you can call this F.A.T. or M-Cubed on Friday...which really makes no sense so let it be Issue #1 of FAT!

- Oh dear Braverman family...I will miss you! Last week brought the Season/Series Finale of NBC's Parenthood. Six awesome seasons that I thoroughly enjoyed. Some surprises in the final episode but all in all, it was well done and book-ended the series well. I still wish it didn't end but it did.

- My best canine friend has been super clingy lately. She's nearly 50 pounds but she swears she is a lap dog and often does whatever she can to get close. Ironically, some won't come around her because they are scared of her. Not sure why, though...she's downright lovable! This was a few nights back. Don't ya love her eyes?! Her name is Bristol.

- Have a favorite SuperBowl commercial? I won't lie, I thoroughly enjoyed the first commercial that was played immediately after the Seahawks and Patriots took the field. Did you miss it? If so, it's below. Who would've thought that this "subject matter" could be in the arena of the "commercial holiday" of the year. Besides this one, I of course loved the puppy one by Budweiser, I said "what the heck?" after watching Nationwide Insurance's, I said "Nice try" after watching Budweiser attempt to make fun of/slam the craft beer scene, Dove's "Dad" commercial was really good, I felt kinda sick to my stomach after Loctite's....ewwwww. A fellow CrossFitter online challenged me to 30 burpees for every beer commercial, too. Turns out, there were VERY few! In the whole first half, only ONE beer commercial..the puppy one. Remember how Bud Light used to rule the commercials? In the second half, the feeble attempt by Bud showed along with the Pac-Man one for Bud Light. So in the end, I was 90 burpees in and glad no more were shown. I mean really...who does burpees at 9:30pm??!!

- So I'm super proud today. I had the privilege of being this one girl's recruiter to one day become a commissioned officer. From losing nearly 50 pounds, taking the entry exam twice (hiring a tutor the second time to do better), and being told "You'll never be an officer," she graduates TODAY from officer candidate school. 12 weeks and today she takes the Oath of Office. There are some intangibles in life that make work and the drudgery all worth it...this is most certainly one of them.

- If you're following along in my CrossFit journal, you will have already read my most recent post on "CrossFit, the Games, and Greed." Well just this past Monday, it was picked up and published by Tabata Times. The comments have been lively, as expected, and either folks hated it or loved it. What really makes me smile big is the amount of shares it gets. Nationally and internationally, CrossFit gyms shared it with their athletes and even quoted me on several instances. There were hundreds of "likes" and lots of Tweets, too. I still stand by my position on all counts that I addressed in the post and am happy it resonated with so many. You can read it here.

- Ever been a part of a focus group for something new before? I had the opportunity on a non-disclosed date at a non-disclosed location within the past two weeks. It was super cool. I'll just say that it was running related and had to do with shoes. If I told you anymore, I'd have to kill ya! If you ever get that kind of opportunity, certainly take it!

- Movie Review: I had the chance to go see The Imitation Game this past week. It's about a mathematician who cracked the German code during World War II. It's up for EIGHT Oscars at the end of this month, including Best Picture and Best Actor and was FANTASTIC!!! I loved it.  If you have the opportunity, go see it.

- Last Sunday, I had an awesome run over fresh snow before heading to church. No plows had been out yet so I got to run in the fresh stuff. It was gorgeous! Here are just a few photos from the run. Yes, those are shorts. It was a balmy 29F and no breeze!

- It's also been a week (or two) of gains at my CrossFit box. I'm wrapping up Week 14 in a few days and each day lately has brought new accomplishments. Today, for example, I jumped atop a 30" box. Until now, I hadn't attempted past the 24" box but our trainers brought us a workout that had us add height within a set period of time. It was the perfect opportunity to do only what I've been hoping to do someday. I did it...six times...and had some room to spare (which means I can go higher....on another day!). I also have been trying to get up into a handstand at the wall so I can continue to build my shoulder strength with the ultimate goal of doing a handstand pushup, a common movement in CrossFit. I finally got it yesterday. Now to do it consistently and start moving in a downward movement before attempting the actual pushups. I also hit new personal records in a variety of lifts and even climbed the rope to the ceiling for the first my life! (I'm even missing some hair around my ankle to prove it!) All in all, it's going awesome and I'm getting a little fitter, stronger, and better every day...and doing it with my wife and friends alongside me.

- 2015 Goals: Well, I'm in the Bull Run Run 50 Mile lottery. That takes place in April and the lottery takes place next week. If I get picked, I'll have the option of officially entering and paying the fee or not. There are a few other things I'm tossing around this year as well so I'm not 100% sure on the decision yet. I'm still mulling over my 100 mile trail race goal as well as a race that mixes in an obstacle course, mud, and CrossFit. That schedule isn't out yet so there are still many open ends out there. Stay tuned!

- So for today's quote of motivation, I'm just going to share what I posted on my Instagram this morning after finally jumping 30" on the box this morning. I'll probably take another break from M-Cubed this Monday so until next time, have a GREAT weekend!

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