Monday, January 19, 2015

M-Cubed for 1.19.2015

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for January Nineteenth, Two-Thousand Fifteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday is celebrated today. He was an incredible man, leader, and beacon of hope for so many. Have you seen "Selma" yet that is in theaters now and has a few Oscar nominations? It's on my short list of movies to see and one I'd like to take my whole family to.

- Speaking of movies, I took my wife to see "American Sniper" over the weekend and apparently, so did a lot of America. It shattered by a LONG shot any other opening in January in history and was easily director Clint Eastwood's biggest opening of his career, easily eclipsing Gran Torino. Not too bad for being 84 years old! Out of 4 stars, I'd easily give American Sniper the full 4 stars. It's the kind of movie I think every American should be required to see. From what I've heard and read from those who knew Chief Chris Kyle, Bradley Cooper portrayed him extremely well...even eery for some. I appreciated how they showed the impact on the family, the invisible wounds of war and didn't hold back when it came to show the absolute brutality of war. It is most definitely not for children. They need taught the lessons of this movie but they don't need the war imagery in their young minds just yet. If you haven't seen it...GO.

- It's almost embarrassing to call myself a runner this past week. I mean, I only ran ONE day and only for 6.2 miles. One thing I revealed yesterday on Instagram (handle: RTRSBM) was how my "love affair" with running is somewhat diminished. Why embarrassing? Well, I've been running marathons and longer since late 1997. It's been "my thing." For a guy who was always the last guy chosen in grade school in gym class during picking teams and the one bullied by the chief bully on campus in high school, finding something I could do well has been huge for me. I still do love running and enjoyed a shorts-wearing 42F 10K yesterday. It was windy, the rain was blowing sideways but I felt great. Throughout that run, I thought about what I could do afterwards and by the time I got home, the world of CrossFit cemented itself in my brain and I "cooled down" with 4 rounds of 50 air squats and 10 burpees in the living room. It was awesome. I'm really not sure what's going on in my head these days with regards to running and my goals. It's kinda scary, actually. One thing influencing me is my physical self. Today marks the end of Week 11 of CrossFit and tomorrow is Day 1 of Week 12. I am dead serious when I tell you that I see and feel more physical difference (feel and in the mirror) in the past 11 weeks than in over a decade of running. It's weird and awesome at the same time. That kind of progress physically, the new community I'm in, and making small gains along the way is only fueling me to move forward and keep giving it all I have. I'm also done comparing myself...I no longer struggle with that. MYSELF...that's the comparison. Compare to Day 1 Week 1 and to yesterday...that's enough. More to come later on this but it's safe to say it is impacting how I am planning out 2015. Several goals have been stated but only a few registered for. Stay tuned...

- Speaking of CrossFit, I just posted a week-in-review a few days back. See my whole series on my journey entering CrossFit here.

- If you haven't been around this blog for long and you have a dog at home, may I suggest reading this post from awhile back? It's our recipe on making homemade dog treats...good enough for human consumption and estimated at under a buck a batch. Oats, water, flour and peanut butter...that's all the ingredients. Seriously, you can't go wrong with these! Read it here.

- A week ago today, my girls had a snow day and the temps were just below freezing which meant sticky snow perfect for snowball fights and/or awesome snowman making. Below is their creation with Dad's twist. 'Ol Frosty decided to do a handstand and a little bit of non-eco-friendly black paint did a great job making the buttons, mouth, nose and eyes...and the buttons on his shoes. :) Sadly, I must report, he fell to pieces during church yesterday due to the rain and temperatures in the 40s. May he rest in peace!

- Before I go today, I first leave you with some comedy that will only cost you under 3 minutes of your day. Enjoy! ...then a quote. Have a GREAT week, everyone!


"The time is always right to do what is right."
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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