Monday, July 7, 2014

M-Cubed for 7.7.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for July Seventh, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- And BAM! July is here. Just think,'ll be August before we know it, school camps will kick in, county fairs will arrive and school busses/buses will be rolling. Yikes! For now, though, let's enjoy the summer. (Yea..I looked up the plural form for "bus." Turns out, "busses" and "buses" are both correct. There ya go...not even 5am and I already learned something today.)

- Got less than 2 min to watch a fantastic video by Guinness? I'm not a fan of the beverage but I have watched this video about four times and shared it with many. It was released over the July 4th holiday. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, I love how they made the subject of the video (no spoiler!) "international" and not U.S. This short story really applies to any country where a man or woman goes off to serve. "Well done, Guinness! Well done!" Watch below:

"The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character."

- The Minimalists 100-city International Tour is TONIGHT in Cleveland! Ok...I've been sharing thoughts, links, etc. about living with less and more intentionally. A good friend pointed out to me this past week that I've been crossing two people/groups over each accident. I've been referring to this tour but referring to Joshua Becker of becoming minimalist. Yes...very similar but very different! LOL! (Thanks, Tammy!) Anyway, tonight is the talk by The Minimalists, Joshua Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus at the Barking Spider Tavern in Cleveland. The event begins at 7pm and is totally free. You can register here and get all the details if you'd like to come on out. At least read their story and see what they're about. If you're not local, here is their entire tour schedule.

- I shared the following snippet yesterday from a daily reading I wake up to every day. It struck a chord with many so I wanted to re-share it today. Great reminder but perhaps a tough pill to swallow for some, eh? "Your children should know that if they ever fail morally, you will not intervene to spare them from the consequences. But they should also know that no matter how hard they fall, there is always grace in your household. They are always safe in your embrace. They can never slip so far away that your love won't still be there to reach out to them and welcome them home." (Excerpt from Moments With You - July 6)

- I shared some thoughts in yesterday's post about future races that included not running some this year as previously scheduled and considering a return to the 100 mile race in 2015. I took a few steps in that direction within the past 24 hours and scrubbed my hotel reservation for November's Stone Mill 50 Miler in Maryland and in the same breath, booked the Friday night leading into the 20th running of the 2015 Kettle Moraine 100. In my mind, that's like a placeholder and one baby step towards commitment. In my very Type A mind, I need that. I need a plan and a target...something to  ponder and look towards. I did exchange a few e-mails with the co-race directors of the Kettle (Jason and Timo) and unbelievably, they remembered me...5 years later! Why? This blog! I wrote a two part race first 100 mile report and Timo still remembers it and refers runners to it. Pretty cool.

- On Saturday, I wasn't bound by time and ventured off for what became a 22 mile unplanned run. I left my country home and headed to Kent where the annual Heritage Festival was setting up. From country roads to a weaving bike path, through the Kent State University campus and ending up in downtown before running home. I especially enjoyed the bike path first where I saw more adult and baby rabbits than ever before. They were everywhere! I also saw three "Bambi" sized deer cross the path in front of me and mom not far off. Amazing run through there. Here is one photo I snapped as I ran through the empty/sleeping KSU campus, too. Overall, super run and it felt really glad I did what I just felt like doing without being bound by a "plan" or mileage goal to meet.

- Mostly, I don't listen to anything while running. Occasionally, I need some music and fire some up. On that 22 on Saturday, I did something different. I have an app on my iPhone that has every version of the Bible that you can imagine. The book of Romans came to mind first so I opened it up to Romans 1, verse 1 and started the audio feature that began reading it to me. From the first word to the last word of the entire book. That took me about 6 or 7 miles to get through and I loved it! I have never "heard" Romans like that before and it soaked in. For all you theologians out there, forgive me for being over-simplistic here, but my big takeaway from that book is this: Throughout that entire book, it's about cause and effect. Do this...and this happens. Do THIS and THIS happens. Live like crap and guess what...crap will result. Put your trust and faith in Him and an entirely different course will be traveled. Live by works...doesn't work. It seemed to me like Romans gave that message 10 different ways as if to drill it in...relentlessly...until they got it...until WE get it. It was also like looking at so many in our society live and how our government is run. I SAYS it right there! Do this and this will happen! Kinda like saying "You were warned!!!" I may not be making any sense to you or perhaps I am. Either way, it's worth a read or listen (if you're like me and reading never soaks in) if I've peaked your curiosity. Here is one quote that really stuck in my head...from chapter 5, verses 3 and 4. I should make it my life verse!

"...but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope..."

Ya know...I could totally relate that to endurance running...but I won't...but I could! :)

- I've got a running streak to maintain so that'll do for today, friends. Sunrise beckons. Have a super week and go live like there is no tomorrow, love and hug those entrusted to you and live intentionally. Live for others and the joy will come to you. Believe it!

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