Monday, July 28, 2014

M-Cubed for 7.28.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for July Twenty-Eighth, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Good morning to you! It's 5'oclock somewhere, right?! Because I'm the curious type, I started wondering "Where?" Well, I check out this World Clock and it does turn out, our Aussie's down in Australia are enjoying dinner on an early Monday evening as it clicks towards 6pm and in Seoul, South Korea, it's nearly 5pm on Monday. Here? Not even 4am yet. So cheers! :)

- Since I had to bring up Australia, here is your public service announcement: Bloomin' Onions are FREE today at Outback Steakhouse. So, if you're struggling with what to do for dinner tonight, "You're welcome!" Kevin Harvick (NASCAR driver) finished in the Top 10 yesterday at The Brickyard and since he's sponsored by Outback, all you have to do is mention that today and BOOM, it's free. Salivating, yet?!

- This past week, I probably drafted 2-3 long blog posts while I was running yet when I finished, I decided to not take the time to write them. If I only had a scribe to run alongside me and type as I thought out loud, I'd have my first book ready to publish.

- Keeping in the running vein, it was an epic kind of week. Tuesday brought a very hot and humid day. Late afternoon, it was 93F, high humidity, and full sun. If you know me, you know that I'd be a glutton for punishment to head out in that. Well, because I AM a glutton for punishment, I did, armed with only one bottle of Heed. I tackled my favorite 10 mile loop. I suffered, I sweat a ton, I got it done. I needed to feel the desire to quit again and mentally conquer that. It was good for me. I also broke out my brand new pair of Brooks Pure Flow 3's...the re-design. It was my first jaunt in the new 3 and I really enjoyed them! No complaints! (photo right). The rest of the week continued my streak and moved me closer to my monthly goal of 231 miles and the highest mileage month of my life. On Friday, I was on the road at First Light and was in one of those Forrest Gump moods and just needed to run until I no longer wanted to. Plus, it was cool and crisp out...a stark contrast to Tuesday's baking in the sun. I ended up with 22 miles, fueled only by one peanut butter Hammer Gel and one Espresso Hammer Gel, washed down with some Heed. In the end, I ended up on Saturday with a weekly total of 54.4 miles. This morning, I looked at my log and that matches exactly the week chance! The week prior was 52.4 and prior to that...61.4. Why all the point-4's? No clue. Total luck of the draw.

- Registered! The Frozen Sasquatch 50K, held just outside Charleston, WV, is held on the first Saturday in January. Last year, it was a great race for me and a fun family trip. (great pool time for the kids!) I didn't hesitate when registration opened this past week. It WILL sell out so if you're interested, check out my race report (see race report tab at top of blog) and register here. (Great to see your name on the list, Mindy!) :)

- I have 4 running days to go and I stand at 216 miles. My goal was 231. Now, as I stand ready to kill that goal, I wonder about pushing past it or simply sitting right down on top of it. That 231 will average me to 200 miles per month for 2014 for a January thru July total of 1400 miles exactly. I stand undecided but am thrilled and thankful for having such an epic month in my running life and still without an ache or pain or twitch head to toe. Oh yea, TODAY is Day 40 of my streak! WOO HOO! No stopping me now!

- Reflecting back on that 22 miler, I did something a little odd with that run, too. I've been doing push-ups on all of my runs since I began my streak over a month ago and on this run, I decided to do a series of 25 push-ups throughout the run. So, at miles 2/4/6/8/11/13/15/17/19/21, I knocked out 25. I thought I'd get quite weary but I never did! I kept doing them "military regulation"...getting that 90 degree angle to the ground and re-did any that didn't measure up. Usually in the middle of the road but occasionally in someone's front yard, I knocked them out. 250 total for the run! I have definitely made progress in that area in the past 40 days.

- Seen the movie "Rudy"? It's the story of an underdog who once dreamed of being a football player for Notre Dame. The true story dates back to the early 70s and the movie back to 1993. We all watched it as a family last night since my girls had never seen it and it is on Netflix. Love, love, LOVE that movie! A great movie for my kids to see, never give up on their dreams, regardless of others telling you you'll never achieve them. Not seen it? Highly recommend!

- You've met her before but check out her new bed! My wife picked up this dog bed for five bucks at a local garage sale over the weekend. Yea, it's kind of overkill but for five bucks, Bristol loves it. The funny backstory here is that the previous owner didn't even use it and they bought it for their Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu!!! Bristol is twice as big as that kind of dog, easily, and look how much room SHE has! Sheesh! Bristol sends her thanks...

- We wrapped up Season 5 of Parenthood a few days back...finally. We've been watching via stream on Season 6, their final season, begins next month. We have loved watching that show and are bummed it will end next year.

- Sunrise from two days ago. The sun was to my right and it wasn't immediately at the horizon but after it had gotten into the sky a good bit. I couldn't pass up all the blue I was seeing here. This is a pond I run by in my local park about 3-4 times a week. Gorgeous, isn't it?

- I had one of those brain-dumping moments on Saturday. It's a bit personal but in the effort of "keeping it real," I posted it on my Instagram account and linked it over to Facebook. It certainly hit a chord with many so I thought I'd share it today, word for word as I posted it then. And just to doesn't matter how many miles I run...these dang love handles will never leave! :)

Before the narcissistic bandwagon slaughters me, I posted this because I have a hard time with self-image. Up until recently, I only ran in the dark sans shirt. If you are like me and have tried and done so much but never see what you want in the mirror, you will understand. I am convinced that no matter how far and fast I run, my "love handles" will remain. No matter what, I will hover around that 200lb mark, barely getting under what the Navy deems "within standards." I told my bride this morning that "God just didn't give me a 'runner's body.'" What a lie! Perhaps He didn't give me what Runner's World says a runner's body should be or society in general but He did give me a body that can run with endurance and not give up. As I close in on a lifetime record breaking month in mileage and reaching my goal for July, I cannot lose sight of the truth. I AM. I am made exactly as I am supposed to be. I am thankful for that. It matters not what ANYONE thinks or says and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Stay true to myself, don't get injured, run because I love to run, and give God the glory and praise He is due for giving me what He has. So if you pass me on the road and think "Dude, you need to put a shirt on," know that I hear you and I am ignoring you. You are, of course, welcome to join me. :) #fromtherun #deepthoughts #selfimage#shirtless #runhappy #runningselfie

- So here we are, friends...tip-toeing or perhaps sprinting towards August. August...the month of marching bands cranking up their sound at band camps, the sound of crunching helmets as football teams begin their practice, county fair continuing (ours is BIG and happens in late August), and Back-to-School ads...oh yes, the weekly Target ad hit my e-mail inbox yesterday and it was front-to-back full of school clothes and supplies. 'Tis the season... Make the best of today, the last 4 days this month, and August! Before I leave you on this last Monday of August, enjoy and be inspired by this week's quote:

"It's been almost a decade since I last wiped Budweiser foam from my lips. I don't wake up hung‑over anymore, but I do sometimes wake up haunted — by who I used to be, by the people I've done wrong. On the days I don't run, it's worse. I'm filled with a different kind of thirst, a need to move between places — across bridges, over water, over city lines. The nastier the conditions, the better: lightning storms, ice‑covered sidewalks, predawn country roads during hunting season. The hard work of the run fortifies my will. I move through this so I can move through that. One foot in front of the other. One run at a time."

-Caleb Daniloff, Running Ransom Road: Confronting the Past, One Marathon at a Time

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