Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recovery Days...Not So Much

While this Spring has been super wet (as indicated by not-cut-yet grass behind my house), life is bursting out there and since Saturday's 50K, I haven't yet taken a recovery day off. Yea, yea, yea...drink my own advice and rest. I will...just not yet. :) This recovery thing continues to throw me for a loop. Back at the end of April when I ran the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon, I woke up the next day without a lick of soreness. 26.2 miles of pounding asphalt in my 5th fastest time ever of 28 finishes, and I felt nothing. On Saturday, I PR'd the 50K distance and it has happened again. The ONLY constant is how I'm fueling and recovering. While I don't believe there is any golden nugget for every person, I have to believe that my Hammer Nutrition fueling and recovery is playing a part...sort of like putting quality high-octane gas in the tank of my car vs. garbage fuel, I suppose. I have also raced a lot and have a high monthly average of miles than ever before so far this year so there is something to be said for my body adapting and overcoming. Sweet! I'll take it. On the flip side, I'm very unhappy with how I see my self physically. You'd think with my miles, I'd actually be presentable physically but I really don't care for what I see in the mirror. I have some work to do with what I eat. Quadriceps and issues. Everything above that...ugh. Only I am to blame so if I want to change anything, it's on me to do so.

Tomorrow, I have a super early day so I'm probably going to force a rest day tomorrow...but not today. As soon as I "pen" this post, it's another sunrise run on tap for me. Before I go, I just want to share a few photos and links to a few albums.

The Playin' Possum 50K has literally posted hundreds of photos to their race from Saturday. I'm in a few and shared a few new ones below. The one posted last night (album 2) has a LOT more people in them smiling for the camera. Great shots! I've also shared a few photos from my morning runs down below. I just love documenting my runs via photos. Annoying to many online but appreciated by others, too...and I love them. There is just so much beauty out there and I like to share it. Feel free to follow my Instagram account, if you'd like. Link is at top right of this blog. That's where they almost all end up. Without further delay, here are a few links to the Possum albums and a few photos from my sunrise runs this week. Happy Hump Day y'all!

Part of Album the middle of the first 9.3 miles where the mud was. :)

After crossing the grassy dam and soon after the hail storm. Part of Album 2.

I LOVE this photo! I pass this pond nearly every day and it's always different. From loud bullfrogs to gorgeous reflections of the sunrise, it always has something to offer. Yesterday, a fresh algae layer has formed inside this little ecosystem along my country route.

On Monday morning after posting M-Cubed, I ran my Sibling Six route that took me through our local park. It has a man-made pond where I captured this photo of the sunrise over it. I love this photo and the perfect reflection on the calm, smooth water. This will be my route again today...if for no other reason than the tiny 1/4 mile stretch of trail it contains through some woods. That photo is below. :)
THIS is why I run through our park...if just for a few seconds of bright, green foliage to run under. Thank goodness for early morning sunrises to illuminate it for me.

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