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M-Cubed for 5.12.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for May Twelfth Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Forgive the lapse in posting...plenty to say but not the time to sit down behind the keyboard and type my thoughts. Other times...I'm just not in a sharing kinda mood. Today is not one of those days.

Image I grabbed from the internet.
View from one end of the dodgeball arena.
- 10 days ago on a Friday, I left the uniform on the hanger and spent the day with my sailors, about 15 strong, for a morning of training and recognition then shed the socks and shoes at a nearby place called Skymax. All I heard was "trampolines" and "dodgeball." Eh? A bunch of grown men jumping around on trampolines? I was pretty skeptical. However, it was a BLAST! I haven't got my heart rate going like that in quite awhile. I did appreciate, too, that the balls weren't hard and therefore didn't sting like they did in high school...but you could still throw them fast and hard. Awesome time and I'd definitely be up for doing it again...even if I did hyperextend my right arm at one point that freaked me out. Luckily, I woke up the next day with no issues.

- How was your Mother's Day? I won't recap the play-by-play for us but it involved a sit-down with my mom as she burned her new cupcake Yankee Candle, a family movie afternoon to see the new moms' movie "Mom's Night Out," followed by dinner in Mentor, OH at Melt Bar and Grilled, and wrapped up with an hour drive through beautiful country and under sunny skies with temps in the mid-70s. My girls did treat my wife to a homemade breakfast and homemade gifts and a poem. It was a perfect day! (A few days prior to the day, I planted this flowering rose bud tree for my wife in our backyard...her choice!)

- So we finished Season 4 of Parenthood. Wowsers...still love that show! I love all of the family dynamics and how different everyone is. It's definitely got us talking about different things and how we'd handle them if it were us. Season 5 isn't yet on NetFlix so we're going to start streaming it off of NBC's website. Also, the word on the street is that they just got renewed for Season 6. Woot!

- I'm a big fan of supporting local businesses. One of my favorites in Kent, Ohio is a place called Bent Tree Coffee Roasters. I like to stop in on the way to work for a $1.50 french press of their daily grind. ($1.75 if you don't bring your own mug) Last week, I tried a "pour over" and made it into a 6 second Vine video that is posted here. (If you can't view it here, it's on my for RTRSBM to find me) Ground fresh then brewed on the spot. Bent Tree is also found all over Kent State University's campus now and in other local restaurants on their menus. Even the local "Popped!" popcorn shop has incorporated their coffee into their awesome chocolate-meets-popcorn creations. If you've never stopped in at Bent Tree, please do! (Their winter hat they sell, too, is the best running winter hat I've ever had!)

- So my youngest turned 11 last week and as tradition has it, she made her own cake with my wife. Every creation is one-of-a-kind and customized to their liking every year. This time, it was a M&Ms-throwing-up kinda cake. After building the layers of cake then frosting it, a triangle was cut out of it and frosted within. Then came the application of the M&Ms that look like they're pouring out of the bag and along the side. It was a huge hit! Every bit gone after the 15 girls were over for her party. I think I got to lick some frosting off of the plate. (straws were used to keep the bag upright)

- Do you have a personal experience with grace? I mean...have you really experienced it or do you even know what grace is? Grace is something given to you but totally undeserved. In my opinion, to really appreciate being shown grace you must give it. Have you? Here is an article I tweeted this past week from Refine Us. It's worth the minute or two it'll take to read. A relationship (of any kind) without it will eventually self-destruct so the sooner you learn about grace, the better. Read the article here.

- Have you met Bristol? If you've been hanging around my blog much, you surely have. Great photo of her here...this girl will take any pillow she can find and make it work. She is a master of communicating via her eyes, too. Yea yea yea....a ferocious pit bull, isn't she?!? We love her!

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- 33 days until the Highlands Sky 40 Mile Trail Run. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! Goodbye cell coverage and hello Dolly Sods National Wilderness. :)

- I've been leaving you quotes lately. Today, I'm going to share some musings that just kinda poured onto the screen this morning after my soaking 7 miler through the country after sunrise. Enjoy...and have a great week everyone!

Sun risen, I headed on out
A steady rain began, left the phone behind

The song began and never really stopped
"Take it all, take it all, my life in Your hands..."

About 64F, total cloud cover
The birds were singing and soaring overhead
Cool drops of rain, pouring steadily on down
Hanging on eyelashes, soaking every fiber of my clothes

I stared at the birds, soaring all around
Red-winged black birds, bright red cardinals
Finches, Blue Jays, and even one turkey
Mile 3...yea...a flying turkey flew in front of me!

That song..."My heart is heart is Yours...
...Take it all...take it life in Your hands..."
Those birds sore so freely. They fly where they wish.
They do what they must, they never go without.

Living simply. Living as I must. Go where I must. Serve.
O, to be like those birds. Singing joyfully and flying.
Anywhere, everyone, wherever they please.
"I will ever love and trust You, in Your presence I will live."

My eyes gone shut around mile 5...a downhill...smooth road
Rain pouring down, soaked to the core.."Take it all...take it all..."
Why am I so hard on myself? I do what I can, all I can, and I love.
It's enough. I'm enough. He'll take care of me and those entrusted to me.

That song..."I lay down my life...and take up my cross...
You are my God....You are enough...." I am enough.
Ah, there....a black bird with that brilliant red "paint", outlined by yellow
So easy to see, so bright as it glides over the swamp to my left

Birds of the air never go without, they go as they may
"My heart is heart is Yours....take it all...take it all..."
May I keep my focus true...may I love others how I've been loved
May I take up my cross, may I carry it strong and with His help.

I never know what a run may hold. I never know what I'll hear.
But if I never ran...if I gave up before I began...I'd never know. I'd never hear.
So you, Lord..."Take it ALL. My life is in YOUR hands."
As the birds of the air are in

~ Musings from the run / 5.12.2014 / #kristianstanfill #myheartisyours

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