Monday, May 19, 2014

M-Cubed for 5.19.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for May Nineteenth Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Holy wet grass! looms out my windows and mocks me! Lots and lots of rain over the last week with a vibrant, tall, green yard. "Please, sun...shine brightly!" Sunny and 70F today so here's hoping!

- Seen or heard of Jersey Boys from Broadway? My wife saw them in 2011 on Broadway but we all went to see them at Playhouse Square at the State Theater yesterday in Cleveland. Great show...BUT...we had no idea that it would be filled with the garbage language. We had our girls with us. Ugh! "Bad parents!" She didn't recall that language in 2011 so we just cringed as it continued from the stage. Without that, a great show, for sure. It was packed and I'm pretty sure...we were amongst the very youngest in the house.

- I wrote and published my race report from Saturday's 50K last night. Here it is if you want to check it out. Quite the experience AND a new personal record at the 50K distance. WOOT!

- We had dinner Saturday night at a friends' home after the race. They eat gluten free and if anyone could ever turn us on to something like that, they did it. Absolutely incredible dinner. We had ribs off of the grill, amazing mashed potatoes, these sweet green beans that had bacon and all kinds of sweetness in them...and dessert. Holy moly! It was a chocolate creation with whipped cream on top and Heath bars crunched all over. We left just a tad bit full (totally!) and amazed at how good gluten free can be....and easy. Who knows...after seeing a few photos of me at the race on Saturday, I could certainly stand to eat a little better and shed some belly fat. Anyway...amazing dinner.

- And so the great recovery train charges on. If you recall, my recovery from the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon was non-existent. Didn't need one...never had one...never felt a thing. The moment I wake up the morning after a race...sit up in bed...put the feet on the ground and stand up...that's where I take in my whole assessment before I walk to my espresso. Yesterday, I felt pretty good and then I saw a clear, blue sky at sunrise and convinced my bride that we should share a morning run together through our hills. She obliged and we did. Fantastic 5 miler with no issues at all, a gorgeous morning with singing birds, and the best company this man could ask for. This morning...the same. No issues and a sunrise morning run to happen just as soon as these fingers stop typing. :) Here's our running selfie for the morning >>>

- I have found myself going back to my daily blog journal from 2011. If you're new to RTRSBM, you may not know that I idled this blog for about 7 months and blogged daily on my deployment to Afghanistan. I wrote in "code" to protect my privacy and ensure OPSEC (operational security) by using references to the Wizard of Oz. Anyway...things in the news keep taking me there and coming into contact with others who have served over there and struggle today. I watched this video over the weekend and it really hit me. Very powerful and something that I think you should give a few minutes to watch. Not to vulgarity or something to shield your eyes from...but a raw account of a story of one man. I didn't do what he did, I didn't shoot anyone, I wasn't in a fire fight, and I don't struggle with PTSD like so many do...but I certainly have a spot in my heart that is forever connected to this war because of my experiences over there...and some things I did see first hand. Here is his story....and here is my blog journal if you ever want to check it out. Today was Day 40 of 208. I had been in the country for 7 days.

- If you haven't yet read my race report from Saturday's 50K, this photo may not make a lot of sense. There was this water crossing, you see...and a sinkhole was hiding/waiting for all of us. While this is NOT me, it's essentially exactly what happened to me...with one arm outstretched high to save the iPhone from certain doom. Many thanks to Catherine who caught this and shared on the Playin' Possum 50K Facebook page. LOL!!!

- Almost a week ago, I started a Facebook post with "Rant Warning" and posted the following. Since we may not be connected there, I'd like to share it with you today. I can't rant enough about this!:

Rant Warning: Parents...are you paying attention to your kids? We have about to be in middle school and one in it. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. Today, we saw the F-bomb flying in all caps, heard about one girl sending nude photos, and we hear more every single, stinkin' day. What you do is your business, but it's clear that parents are not paying attention or simply don't care. We, as parents, need to not be our kids' best friend, we need to be their parent. That means we defend them, we love them unconditionally, we model what it means to be a respectful, loving, moral, God-fearing human beings. It means we stand in the gap for them and protect them from others' where parents let their kids run amuck. One of two things is going to happen and it's up to you and us to decide which it will be: 1) YOU will raise your children, or 2) Society and the halls of the elementary/middle/high school will for you. Take your pick, but one will happen. Private, public, opinion is that it doesn't matter. Filth knows no boundaries and nor does any of this. It's time to get up to speed with what's happening in "their" world before you wake up one day and realize you are far too late. One last thing: Even if your kid is innocent, once they see it or hear it, it's stuck. They can't erase it. It's there forever and you can't do a thing about it. 

- I want to give a huge shout-out to some local trail runners who finished the 20th running of the MMT (Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Trail Run). It is a grueling 100 mile race through the mountains of northern Virginia and considered one of, if not the toughest race east of the Mississippi. Dave Peterman (6th finish), Jim "Slim" Harris (7th), Paul Lefelhocz (4th),  and Roy Heger (his 15th!!!). Way to go, everyone! Full results here.

- I have been leaving you with a quote each week. Well, today is one that is This photo and "quote" is from last week on a morning run through my hills...I think it was Wednesday morning. I hope it speaks to you how it needs to and you find encouragement through it as you face another week. Remember...without a Monday we never get to Friday! Have a great week, everyone! (gotta love the iPhone self-timer for shots like this, eh?!)

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