Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sponsorship Changes in 2014

2013 is about to be sealed in history and nothing more than an image in the rear view mirror. I've been a bit silent lately in the writing arena but all is well. I've been running consistently, working, and just enjoying life with my 3 girls. I'm also in a pause as for running races...not a slump...a pause. I purposely did this simply to not have anything immediate on the calendar and enjoy the holiday season while preserving the weekends. I did throw in a Holly Jolly Half Marathon last Saturday. One of my wife's goals for November 2013 - October 2014 is to run a half marathon a month. It can be a real race or simply a run of 13.1 or more. Her and one of our fellow running friends, Amy, are doing it. Amy's son came up with the name of the most recent installation, the "Holly Jolly Half." (#hollyjollyhalf) I wanted 20 on the trails but a big snowstorm was inbound so I instead decided to run 7 miles to the nearby town, location of the "race," meet up with them and run it. 20.3 miles in a fresh snowfall! Gorgeous day to be out there.

So sponsorship: This year completes year #4 with Brooks Running. I have absolutely loved being a part of the Brooks ID (Inspire Daily) program. However, the whole program is undergoing a major overhaul and most are being shown the door with the option of applying to a similar program called "Brooks Fanatics."  Only coaches and elite athletes are being kept in the ID program going forward. Am I disappointed? Of course. But, I love Brooks as a company, the way they do business, give back, and are increasingly earth-conscious. Oh yea, I love their shoes, too. (just bought 3 more pair of Pure Flows!) I will miss the program and hope my relationship with them continues...just on a different "trail," so to speak.

In other sponsorship news, I applied last month for sponsorship with Hammer Nutrition for 2014.  Last night, I found out I was selected! I quickly reviewed and agreed to the contract and couldn't be happier. I have been exclusively fueling and recovering with Hammer's products for years so this is a perfect "marriage" for me. I do hope to do them proud and represent the brand well. If you happen to use Hammer or want to try it out, click HERE for 15% off your first order. "Hammer on!"

46 miles. That's about all that exists between me and my goal for 2013...that being 2000 miles. I stand today at just over 1,945 miles so unless I break a leg, I've got it in the bag. Hardly 96 hours into 2014, I'll be wearing Hammer's colors at my first 50K of 2014. I guess that's one way to get a jump start on 2014, eh?! As for Brooks...regardless of whether they keep me or not, I'll be running happy.

So finish up 2013 strong and regret nothing! Most of all, hug those nearest to you tight and enjoy this Christmas season. Make the very best of it all!

Run Happy, friends!

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