Monday, December 30, 2013

M-Cubed for 12.30.2013

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for December Thirtieth, Two Thousand Thirteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Yea, yea, yea...I know. It's Monday afternoon. I've been busy so cut me some slack, will ya? I slept in until 7 today, too...that was like 3 1/2 hours of bonus sleep.

- So it was mid-40s and sunshine over the weekend. I wake up this morning...BAM! 19F and 10F with the wind. It was raining last night, turned to ice, and then to snow this morning. FAT FLAKE SNOW at that...beautiful. I headed out on my last road run of 2013 (trails tomorrow!) and on the way back, I was getting blinded by the fattest flakes of all. Wet, fat flakes. Chock that up as Reason #4,583 why I run outside and #justsaynototreadmills. Here are two photos from today's run.

- Got collision insurance? I sure do. So I'm doing some running around the day after Christmas then went out for lunch on Friday..the 27th. I look back at my car while locking it, I noticed something on the trunk lid. DANGIT! Someone hit me! Upon closer examination, paint was missing and they hit me pretty hard yet didn't hit the bumper which didn't make sense unless you're a big TRUCK! A few calls and today, I visited a local collision repair place to determine the cost of repair and collision vs. comprehensive claim. I have a zero deductible for comp but $500 for collision...crossing fingers for comp! In the end, I can't really sell this being a comp claim...someone most certainly hit me...wait, let me rephrase: some COWARD most certainly hit me and left. Not a note, not anything. No way they didn't feel MY car stop THEIR car/truck/tractor/whatever. So fixed it will be next week upon which time I will shell out 500 bucks. Great, isn't it?! Let me tell ya...this hurts more when you have the title in hand and own the car outright. That's my baby! (not the bank's!)

- 2013: Well, it's not like 2011 where I wanted to drop an atom bomb on it...2013 hasn't been too shabby. 2012 was a year where we travelled a LOT. In 2013, we did much less. I ran less races, too, but ironically, I'm going to have my highest mileage year EVER and this month will be my highest month EVER...even higher than my peak training for my 100-milers back in 2009. With one run to go this month, I'm at 224.9 miles and for the year, I sit at 2,062 miles. Tomorrow will hold a muddy, trail 8 or 10 with friends on Buckeye Trail...but no decimals!!! #runnersOCD Pretty happy and injury-free!

- Thrilled to be starting 2014 with both Brooks and Hammer Nutrition. I picked up a skull cap and a long sleeve tech tee from Hammer so I can begin promoting the brand at races like the one this Saturday. I took both for a test run today, especially since most hats don't fit over my big head. Test passed!

- I saw a headline today (click here to view) about how the violence may increase from the insurgents when the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan next year. MAY?! For those who have asked me my opinion since I'm in the military and did take a "vacation" to Afghanistan in 2011, I have said for years that when we leave there, the Taliban will take it back over...just like they did when the Soviets left a few decades back. You see...Afghanistan's chief crop is opium poppy...and on the globe, they are the #1 exporter of it. MONEY and lots of it. Money to control the poor and uneducated of Afghanistan, money to build bombs, money to buy weapons, money to inflict terror to the "infidels" of the world, all in the name of their (g)od and religion. So yea...they are going to rule that country when we leave and you know what? There is NOTHING we can do about it. That is why I support a full withdrawal of every troop, airman, sailor, and Marine from Afghanistan. Shedding U.S. blood in a war that has the same outcome, regardless of our involvement is tough to support. That does NOT mean I don't support my country and Commander in Chief. If they ordered me to go again....I'd go. No questions asked. But as a human being, citizen of the U.S., and service member whose heart aches every time one of our own dies...I say "BRING THEM HOME....NOW."

Enjoy your last few days and hours of 2013. The clock's not stoppin' so regret nothing, make a difference, and choose to bless someday today and often in 2014!

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