Monday, April 15, 2013

M-Cubed for April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Musings for April Fifteenth, Two Thousand Thirteen...a collection of thoughts and musings that just kinda dropped out of the sky and landed here on Monday morning.

- Tax Day and Boston Marathon Day on the same day! For taxes, taxes have long been done and I've never qualified for the Boston Marathon, so it's just a plain 'ol Monday to me. The weather today in Boston is supposed to be mid-50s, cloudy and 90% chance of NO rain! Honestly, that's a perfect forecast! Currently, it's 39F as morning dawns so perfect...just a perfect marathon day for those running Bean Town this year.

- Much to happen this week. Tomorrow? It's the big 4-0 for me. Yep, 40 years old. I once was running my age in miles on this day. I did take a vacation day and will be running...for much of the day but the distance remains to be seen. I am tossing around the idea of 40 KILOMETERS instead of miles. That would equate to 24.85 miles and much more doable. Well, 40 miles is doable but I just don't want to give up that much time of my day to it...and something else is coming up this 27th marathon! So, after I kiss my girls off to school, I'm leaning towards a nice, rainy 40 kilometers through about 5 towns/cities. We shall see.

- Yes, it's On My Own Two Feet Marathon week! This Saturday, I'll run my 27th marathon. The last time I "officially" covered 26.2 miles in a race was in September 2011 when I was at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. The Air Force Marathon, held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base every September, held official "deployed" versions of its race. Tech tees and medals were shipped 7000 miles to us and I did it. Granted, it was the most dirty, dusty, and boring marathon EVER but who else can say they ran a marathon in the middle of a war?! Thankful I did it (but don't wanna repeat it!)! This Saturday, I will be running to raise money for battered women and their recovery....that's where this non-profit race's money goes. I also brought my entire Brooks Running sponsorship to this race, too, so I'm really, really pumped to do this! There is still time to register, too. REGISTER HERE for the half or full marathon and support a great cause, burn some calories, and have FUN!

- Dance #2 on Wednesday! Tango has finished and Swing is the next one and another 6 weeks! Yesterday as my family and I hiked, we practiced all of our steps on the dirt trail. As the girls watched both directions for a sign of other hikers, we "tango'd" on the trail. No rules against that, right?! At the first sight of another human being, we heard "Stop!!! Someone is coming!!!" :-)

- Today, I'll register again as a student. This August, I'll begin my second masters degree at Moody Theological Seminary/Moody Bible Institute out of Chicago. It's certainly an exciting program to start with no real end-goal in mind. I honestly simply desire to learn and grow as a person. Where it leads! Pursuing something like this with type of mindset will hopefully breed a whole different kind of experience...simply the joy of learning. Excited, no doubt!

- Eyes. Love them? I took a few very closeup photos of my family's eyes yesterday and created a photo album on my photography page. Here's the link if you want to check them out.

- Last week at Share 2013, the event I volunteered at in Brecksville while 103.3 FM was raising funds for another year of broadcasting, Nancy Turner of Moody Radio Chicago interviewed me twice. After our last one, she mentioned about how I was "meant" to be on the radio...that it was natural for me and I was good at it. If you know me, I don't take compliments very well...I never think I deserve them. I really did appreciate her saying that, especially from someone who is a long-time veteran of the radio. It made me think about it and wonder what the next 40 years has in store for me. I know I loved being up there. I know I've loved every time I've been on the air. I know that people ask me often "Are you Lieutenant Nick???" ... yea, that's often how they refer to me on the air. Actually, one of the first donor calls I took on Thursday, that's exactly what the caller asked! So who knows...wherever the Lord leads, I will follow! Standing by!

- Before I close today, I want to share a few photos from our hike together yesterday. Family photos are protected on Facebook to those I'm connected with, though. You can find them there. Enjoy!

Have a great week, everyone!

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