Friday, April 26, 2013

I am a Runner

Waking each day, I have a choice
One foot down, followed by the other
Will I lace up? How will I greet the day?
I choose to run. I am a runner.
The beating of my heart
Is all I can often feel
My eyes see the rising steam
Coming from each breath. I am a runner.
I have reasons I run. We all do.
I run because I can.
I run because no one can stop me.
I run...from nothing but towards much. I am a runner.
Rain, snow, sunshine, and fog.
I have run in them all.
The beating heart, the power to move forward.
Nothing, I repeat NOTHING can stop me. I am a runner.
Many cannot run. Many have had their lights snuffed out prematurely.
I run, often for those who cannot.
In their honor, in their memory, I run for them.
I am a runner.
Miles and hours into a run or race.
The finish line lingers no matter where it is.
A goal, a landmark, a target to be obliterated.
I will not fail, I will succeed, I will not give up. I am a runner.
100 miles, 5 kilometers
50 kilometers, 50 miles
26.2 miles or 5 miles, I own you all.
Human heart, driven by the passion to succeed. I am a runner.
Many say: "You're crazy."
"I could never do that." "Why would you do that?"
"Don't your knees hurt?" "You're destroying your knees."
"I can't even run to my mailbox." I am a runner.
Many kneel. Many lift their hands.
Some people pray and others do not.
Me, under the stars or within His foliage I'm surrounded.
It is there I find Him, it is there I pray. I am a runner.
With a world gone astray, with so much hate and violence,
Murder, pain, abuse, killing, starvation, slavery
Out there, all alone, it's a bit of a respite
To run, to be free, to escape for a moment. I am a runner.
One day I will run no more. One day the shoes will not be laced.
Still, though, I will be a runner. I will have run with heart and with passion.
Until that day comes, until the miles end,
I will run. I will not back down. I will not give up. I will run. I am...a runner.

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