Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Horse

"I pity the fool!!!!!" ... who misses mornings like this. 50 crisp degrees, star-filled sky, and dew resting upon the rolling cornfields. The air smells so good, too. Days like this it's EASY to be thankful. On "our" run this morning (that's right, I got my running partner back), we enjoyed an easy, rolling 6 through the countryside and on the way back spotted our favorite horse...a beautiful white horse that always roams a large field no matter what the season of the year. Mighty, strong, peaceful...I love just to pause and literally say "Good morning!" Here she is. (I don't know if she is a "she" or a "he," actually.)
As we got back, dawn was breaking, birds were singing and eggs/toast made. A great way to start the day...6 miles through the countryside, mostly enjoying the birds in silence and absorbing the gift we have to share with each other.
Brooks Pure Connects providing the perfect ride...along with Old Glory and the Bald Eagle. :-)


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