Sunday, June 24, 2012

10 Miles...Upward and Outward

I woke up this morning not necessarily on the wrong side of the bed, but simply "off" a bit...surely you've been there, too. Frazzled...alone...I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I not only wanted to run, but I needed to, so I did. I hit the pavement alone today, unfortunately, so I got some Casting Crowns ready on my iPhone and headed on out on my aged Pure Connects...still amazed how they are holding up under a 200lb guy...only a few millimeters between my foot and the earth.

Weeds? Yes. Beautiful? Yes.
Breathing, pace, form...all distracting me as I headed out on my very private, quiet, peaceful 10 mile run through the farmlands near where I live. As one who has gone the distance for over 30 hours, I understand the mental part of running and it's role. It is something to be controlled or it will wreck even the shortest of runs. For today, running was far more enjoyable and easy if I simply didn't think about...wait for it...running. I unplugged and soaked it all in and let my mind wander into the future. The future of today and what we'll do as a family and the future over the next few our future in the coming years. I ran by countless farms, corn that is FAR higher than "knee high by the 4th of July," saw about 15 baby calves at a cow farm, and the remnants of a late night party where the fire was still smoldering. I missed my running partner but I kept my thoughts on the world around me, my bride, my girls, and how thankful I should be. I also thought about that cruise again and how so many (the overwhelming majority) in this world are focused on self. We are all born a selfish person thanks to that Garden long, long ago at The Fall. Choosing daily to be selfLESS is doubt. The intangible benefits from living that way, though, far outweigh anything this material world can ever...EVER provide.
One of our most favorite spots on our route. Regardless of the season or time of day, it's beautiful.
So 10 miles are done on a gorgeous Sunday morning. Another run to ground me and put me where I need to be....arms outward and upward instead of hanging down and pointing inward. This will certainly be a mantra I'll repeat in 6 days time during my 12hr race. By the way, I never did turn on my music this morning. Plenty of creation around me to keep my mind occupied. :-)
Post-run power breakfast. Strawberry yogurt over organic granola topped with fresh blueberries and raspberries.
Have a great Sunday and last week of June, everyone.

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